$1495/month for 12 months

 1250 WHNZ - On Air

 Weekly Monthly 6 Month
Segment Sponsors 2 8 48
Audio Commercials  10 40 240
Live Guest Appearances 1 4 24


Video Commercials 10 40 240
Video Ticker Promotions 4 16 96
The chart above is broken down into two sections, the top half is audio / radio promotions and the bottom half is the video promotions.  All shows go out over the airwaves on 1250 a.m. WHNZ and I also stream all shows live in studio which is the video portion.  The video stream is separate from the audio stream and can be used a bit differently to market my sponsors.  For example, when the show is on break during the top and bottom of the hour and also middle of the hour breaks, what you hear on a radio will be different from what you hear/see on the video if watching online.
Segment Sponsors - each hour has 4 segments and a segment sponsor is a live promotion read by the host at the start of the segment, think of it as a live commercial voiced by the host.  These can be changed as often as the sponsor wants and are approximately :30s in length.
Audio Commercials - On the radio, these are audio commercials that air around the middle of each half hour.  They are :30s in length and can be voiced by either the sponsor, the host or professionally produced by the station and voice artist.  On the video, these are the same thing and run at the same time which is approximately at 7:15, 7:45, 8:15 and 8:45 a.m. each show.
Live Guest Appearances - These are the actual in studio (or via phone if unable to come in studio) appearances.  Each sponsor is given one segment which is approximately 10 minutes to 12 minutes of actual talk time.  This is the same on both the radio and the video.  
Video Commercials - Since the video stream is separate from the radio, we can run video commercials that air during the top and bottom of the hour breaks.  We will work with you on producing a basic :60s video commercial that airs on the live stream during these breaks.
Video Ticker Promotions - While the streamcast is running, there is a scrolling marquee or ticker that runs along the bottom of the video screen.  Sponsors can run promotions on this ticker and change them as often as they want.


Sponsorship is a 12 month commitments and billed monthly.  Two months included free of charge if paid in full up front.  The chart above is then broken down into 3 columns with different numbers which represent the frequency of the event.  For instance, in the audio (yellow) section, Expert sponsors get 1 weekly appearance.  Over the month, they get 4 appearances and 24 across 6 months.  Same concept for each line.


All Expert Partners Receive:

  • Branded as an Expert Contributor in Your Area of Expertise
  • Exclusivity In Your Industry - Only Package That Offers This Including Guests
  • TBBO Sponsorship Benefits Included
    • See TBBO Sponsorship Tab For Benefits
  • Bi-Weekly Consulting To Make Key Connections With Network
  • Includes Social Media Management 













































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