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Madison Harison is a 9 year old emerging photographer and entrepreneur. Her company, Photos With Madison focuses on taking pictures of young girls and boys with their favorite dolls and toys to make their memories everlasting. Madison has been working with photography since her 3rd birthday when she was gifted a camera and she hasn't put it down since! She launched her dream business at the age of seven, and her dream is to one day photograph the president!


Jessi Budiansky grew up with a family who was passionate about the Food Industry, so it was only natural for her to jump from the corporate world into the culinary world as well! She has spent the last year perfecting her recipe and her business! She is the Founder of Jessi's Flaming Fruit Sauce, a line of sauces that have a delicate balance of sweet, savory, and spicy. Her sauce is great for anything, including wings, stir fry, glaze, marinade, salad dressings, and even in desserts. 

Dr. Nancy Wall is Tampa Bay's only Certified Matchmaker and Life Coach. She has a passion for bringing people together in harmonious and meaningful relationships. She is also the President of Tampa Bay Matchmakers. Her expertise has led to numerous life long partnerships and marriages.

Jacqueline Drana is the Founder, CEO, and Medical Inventor of The No Mo Nausea Band. The No Mo Nausea Band is based on acupuncture and essential oils, and its technology can help anyone suffering from nausea, vomiting, and headache symptoms feel better! Actively stopping its wearers from vomiting and having headaches and nausea, The No Mo Nausea band is a necessary part of your Med Kit!

Brooke Palmer Kuhl is the President of RSBP Events. She prides herself on her ability to put together huge events for high profile clients and celebrities, whilst delivering the quality and happiness that one would expect at a large event. Her latest event as of 12-28-2015 is the New Years Eve Party in Downtown Tampa, with an expected 2,000 people attendance.

Isabel Reis Laessig is better known as the Founder of Family Foodie. Family Foodie is the multi platform blog which draws in over 4 million views weekly with their ever changing themes for #SundaySupper with the family! Inspired by her family to bring back family time at the dinner table everywhere in America, Isabel is truly dedicated to promoting family life! Family Foodie can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Mindy Murphy is the President and CEO of The Spring of Tampa Bay. The Spring is the Department of Children and Families Certified Domestic Violence Center for Hillsborough County. They are one of the largest of the 42 centers in the state. Since their founding in 1977, The Spring has provided sanctuary and services to more than 60,000 abused adults and their children, #MakingADifference.

Dez Williams is the Co Founder of Aquamelon. Being inspired to Co Create Aquamelon by working out, Dez figured out with research and habit that watermelon is a wonderful way for tired muscles after a workout to be invigorated and to have less down time. Now being stocked in stores, and poised to move into franchising, Aquamelon is quite the success story, and try some for yourself at!

David Eby is the Operator of Junk King Tampa. Junk King can help you remove clutter from your home, Guilt Free! Junk King is proud to be local, and Green! With over 60% of their waste being recycled, Junk King has a commitment to serve the community and to serve the environment in the process! Call them for pickup at 1-888-8880-JUNK!

Dallas Loupot is the Regionl Account Manager for Fleetmatics. Fleetmatics is your solution to an inefficient fleet of vehicles. Businesses rely on their products traveling, and it can be hard to keep track of mileage, gas usage, and idle time. Fleetmatcis is your answer, providing tech to businesses that ensure resources aren't being wasted and costs of maintenance are lower! "The money you save will more than pay for fleetmatics services" - Dallas Loupot

Seamus "Mike" Payne is a design publisher, documentary filmmaker and commercial photographer specializing in architecture, food, and editorial photography. Seamus produces commercial images for clients such as Boeing, PDQ, Marriott Hotels, Chas Bank, and many more! As a publisher, Seamus runs the widely read design lifestyle magazine, a magazine that covers modern architecture, exotic cars, and the latest in modern technology!

Rachel Payne is a dog walker and canine friendly counselor. Rachel is the owner of Doggie Date Tampa, a boutique dog walking, pet sitting, and dog training company. Their Walking services include regular visits, extended visits, and a running service. Rachel is a long distance runner and loves to take high energy doggies for a jog! Doggie Date Tampa is the perfect place to leave your dogs when you're unavailable, call Rachel at 813-532-5006!

Sherry Smith is a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist at Retreat Journeys. Retreat Journeys is filled with experienced and certified Yoga Teachers who are privileged to host annual Yoga retreats in exotic European Locations. Their destination is carefully selected to provide rich cultural events that you will continue to cherish for years to come.

Ginger Bean has been the Executive Director of The OASIS Network, she began as a volunteer, but later expanded her position to support the Network. She now guides the organization to provide clothing and resources to At-Risk students in the Hillsborough area, helping students reach their potential despite poverty.

Eileen O'Brien serves as the Director of Tools 4 Life Counseling in Tampa, Florida. She is a licensed mental health counselor who has a masters degree in counseling psychology from the University of Maryland and has a bachelor's degree in education from Kent State University. Eileen has 24 years of experience working with clients who have struggled with PTSD or trauma related, abuse, depression, or addiction.

Andrea Harrison is the Owner and Founder of Tantalizing Tablescapes & Décor, a custom event design company servicing Tampa Bay! Tantalizing Tablescapes & Décor is an award winning boutique company that offers upscale and unique event décor design. Its services are carefully crafted for the individual who values personal attention, distinctive décor and memorable occasions. It uses the highest level of innovative creativity to transform your table into a luxurious experience.

Bea Hunter Erdman is a s licensed cosmetologist in Texas and Florida and a Medical Skin Care Specialist who has been in practice since 1970. Bea is the President and Owner of Remedies Skin Care Management. She opened Salve Aesthetic Solutions in South Tampa earlier this year with the passion of helping cancer patients who are undergoing Chemotherapy and have skin conditions as a result. Bea is dedicated to results.
Julie Phillips is a natural health teacher, wellness coach, speaker, and the Founding President of a non-profit statewide group of natural health professionals for over a decade! She is the Founder and Owner of We Offer Wellness, and is a sales agent for Echo® Hydrogen Enriched Water Machine, Mitotrol Mitochondria Nutrients, and Organic Living Superfoods.

Kimberly Jansen is proud to say that Ecoroq is fully woman-owned, and has been in the area for two years! Ecoroq offers their clients better refrigeration systems through their Professional Filters, and they guarantee that your food will have a longer shelf life, and will taste more flavorful! They offer various sizes of refrigeration units, and offer month to month service on their units!
Bruce Fabel is the President of Ideal Image. IIdeal Image is your destination for professional beauty services. Offering everything from Botox, Age Restoration, Lip Construction, Age Prevention Consulting, and the new technique of CoolSculpting - Ideal Image does it all; and is proud to offer Professional Top-Notch service, and a dedication to safety. With a rise of Non Invasive Procedures, you can get a procedure done with Ideal Image and be back to work without any downtime! Consider Ideal Image for all your beauty needs!

Lakeland residents, Eddie and Sylvia Goines, have invested in a Kona Ice truck largely because it gives back to the local school systems. Kona Ice is the newest icy treat vendor in town and the treats are gluten free, non-allergeinic, low calorie and they meet state nutrition guidelines for schools. With flavors such as sour pickle, tigers blood and wedding cake, Kona Ice is a fun experience for any event! 

Mike is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, and inspiring Author. Mike resides in Brandon with his wife and 11 year old son. Being an Entrepreneur, Mike knew the importance of mixing up sales meetings, she he tried comedy and it went well. Mike gets the idea to become a stand up comedian but it fails miserably. Mike was giving his powerful testimony to a group of people and mike realized speaking was his calling, it was something he enjoyed was able to give back to the community.

Natalia Levey is a professional chef, certified health and nutrition coach, and an author of the upcoming book "Cravings Boss". She is dedicated to educating entrepreneurs about how to have more energy and vitality to run their businesses through personalized cooking classes, thus leaving them feeling confident and successful in every area of life. Natalia is the Founder of Healthy Intent.

Elaine Daigle Joins her fiancé with their company Sai Home Creations. They are importers of granite and natural stone, and also fabricate and install countertops. Elaine has always loved interior design, and Sai Home Creations has allowed her to explore that love through her client's visions! Elaine is also the founder of Chor Bazzar, an online store that imports jewelry, clothing, and home décor from India!

Niel Guilarte is the Owner of Wildstyle Media and the Host of the All Things Post Podcast. As the owner of Wildstyle, he had the resources and the know-how it took to create a successful Podcast! Showcasing the people behind the scenes of your favorite shows, productions, and businesses, Niel showcases the people that make projects work!

Nick Snapp, Productivity Strategist and Podcaster, combines productivity with purpose for entrepreneurial Moms and Dads who want their time back. He is the owner of Inspire Me Solutions, providing innovating coaching, training and consulting services for entrepreneurs and "want-preneurs". Nick has nearly 15 years of project management experience and is now Hosting the Make It Snappy Productivity Show.

Tonya has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years. She has also received extensive training and enjoy all areas of hair design. She specializes in color, highlighting, low-lighting, color correction, haircutting, long hair, short hair, formal styling, and men's designs. Tonya can be found at My Salon Suites in Largo.

Jennifer Sajeski is a Franchise Owner with My Salon Suites. My Salon Suites gives individual Salon Specialists a chance to truly own their own practice - removing the burdens of business ownership, including the paperwork and money management that comes with it. As a result, they can focus on their craft, providing excellent individualized and independent service!

Jonathan and Estefania Perez are the Owners of a new pizzeria, Fabrica Pizza! Nestled in beautiful Channelside, Fabrica Pizza has a passion for fresh ingredients, and fresh pizza. Learning their trade from Neapoli Italy, they have the authentic touch of classic Italian recipes!

Ken Kupferman is the President and Owner of Affordable Lock & Security Solutions! He and Affordable Lock & Security Solutions have been based in Tampa Bay since 1970, and now continue to serve the Tampa Bay community! Consider him for all your Lock and Key needs!

Thapelo Letsholo is a Group Publisher with Proudly African, working in the country of Botswana in Africa to promote their economy through the connections of Proudly African, which is a sub category of Global Village, who is Published by Sven Boermeester!

Sven Boermeester is the Group Publisher of Global Village, working to showcase cities and countries around the world with publications like the upcoming "Best of Tampa Bay"! Working in over 250 countires all around the world, Proudly Florida, an expert contributor to the show, works to bring that success to Tampa!

Ulixes Hawili is the Chief Intelligence Officer od Tembo Education. Tembo Education is an ongoing project hoping to educate 10 million children in impoverished areas around the world via a mobile phone! Working to educate not only children but their families, Tembo Education is an award winning way that people in Tampa Bay are helping the world.

Bruce Wawrzyniak is the Founder and President of Now Hear This Entertainment. With a focus on Management, Promotion, and Booking, Now Hear This Entertainment can help any kind of artist soar and get noticed! Now Hear This Entertainment is also a weekly Podcast, run by Bruce!

Suzanne Livesay is the Acting Managing Director with the Patel Conservatory For Performing Arts. Promoting acting, singing, dancing, stage production, and thespian education, Suzanne helps people realize their dream of coming on the bright stage and being a star! Helping to launch shows like the Nutcraker Ballet and new upcoming Operas!
Offering coaching with individuals and teams, training and facilitation services, and strategic planning, Tami is the one to get your business up to speed. Versed in team studies and efficiencies, using the five behaviors of a cohesive team, Tami is an expert at helping business owners and leaders achieve their goals through their team, and not despite of them - working as a better unit.

Home Instead Senior Care is the World's Largest provider of comprehensive. in-home services for the elderly focusing on assisted independence. Kristi's business provides services to seniors throughout Hillsborough County from offices in Brandon and Tampa. Kristi Campbell is the owner of two franchises, and prides herself on the quality of the care she delivers!




Patti Lustig is a certified personal and business coach who has been running workshops on the art of time management and productivity for over 10 years. She is passionate about people living extraordinary lives and accomplishing that which is most important to them with grace and ease. She works with business owners, and their staff to be highly effective while loving what they do.
Charles Strange is the Owner and CEO of The Solution Associates, a consulting group that helps businesses implement custom software solutions that increase their profitability. Charles is a member of Tampa Bay Business Owners, the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce and a public speaker on corporate productivity and social media strategies and a writer.
Joshua Belanger is one of the world's top options trading specialists who's been quoted in Wall Street Journal, Reuters, New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Business Week, and author of the book, "Fearless Investing with Options". He is also the Founder of where he publishes free daily investing and trading tips and teaches struggling self-directed investors how to become more profitable trading options while reducing risk, creating higher chances of success and generating better returns in any type of financial market.
Mimi Lawson is the Founder of Ruffin' It, a dog training practice that was inspired by others who wanted their dogs to behave as well as Mimi's dogs. A former morning radio host, Mimi followed her passion of working with pets and "retired" to Odessa, Florida where she runs Ruffin' It full time and is also a Puppy Raiser for SouthEastern Guide Dogs since 2013.
Christine Mitchell is one of the Founding Members of Kush Textiles, a line of hand woven baby wraps and accessories. Christine is an avid baby wearer and brings her background in marketing, management, and sales to Kush Textiles. She has an MBA in Marketing and International Business and uses her industry experience to further the Kush Textiles brand.
Supna Shah is the Founder of WeGo-Kids. Supna's professional and personal path has taken her on a journey that has allowed her the opportunity to work directly for owners of different organizations. WeGo Kids is a children's clothing company that inspires active families through kid's clothing, accessories, and ideas.
Marcy Pellegrino is the Founder and Creative Director of Sassi Concepts and Designs Inc. Sassi Creative is an idea factory where intuition is coveted, creative plots are born, and passionate ideas take with twists and turns. Marcy has also recently worked in various facets of advertising and film, moving from the New York City area.
Kelly Watts is the President and Founder of MiW, LLC (Make it Work). He brings over two decades of experience teaching and creating curriculum, and a track record of successfully delivering educational programs at both the pre-college and college level. As a new entrepreneur to the Gulf Coast region, he intends to be as active in community affairs of the Tampa Bay region.
Saravana Pat Bhava is a Serial Entrepreneur with demonstrated success driving Top Line Revenue growth & bottom line improvements in both private industry and the military. Saravana is the CEO and Founder of PikMyKid, a technology company founded to solve the current student dismissal conundrum in schools across the nation.
Michael Nursey is TD Bank's Market President for Central Florida, responsible for overseeing TD Bank's commercial and business banking teams as well as coordinating community and charitable activities within the bank's Central Florida Market which includes Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, along with Polk and Brevard Counties. Nursey has 27 years of experience in commercial, corporate, business and retail banking in Florida.
Jeff Lukas has been in theater for over 20 years. On the directing front, he has helmed as a director for shows such as You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Godspell, and The Tempest. He also choreographed many shows such as Meet Me in Saint Louis and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Most of Jeff's experience comes from his first love, being on stage.
Mark Segel is a native of Tampa and now serves as the South Tampa Market Manager and Vice President for Northstar Bank. Mark had a very successful 18-year career in banking and financial services beginning his professional career with NCNB Bank (now Bank of America) here in Tampa and he also worked for The Bank of Tampa and Fifth Third Bank. Roles he took on have included Banking Center Manager, Mortgage Originator, Director of Management Training, Regional Sales Manager for In-Store Banking, Commercial Lender, etc.
Leslie R. Gay is the Owner and Franchise Partner of Painting with a Twist in St. Petersburg. Leslie opened the franchise on July 31st, 2009. Painting with a Twist offers painting classes to the public where the company provides all the painting supplies and a local artist provides step-by-step instruction. Its best known as Fun Art Not Fine Art.
Peggie Sherry is the Founder and CEO of Faces of Courage Foundation and also a survivor. Faces of Courage Foundation is a nonprofit based in Tampa, FL that provides day outings and overnight camps for women, children and families touched by all types of cancer and blood disorders. All programs are made available to the participants and their families at no cost. They currently have served over 6,500 cancer families with the help of over 1,500 active volunteers.
Sarah Combs is the CEO of the University Area Community Development Corporation Inc. With more than 12 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Combs' experience spans nearly every facet of organization and program development/management. The organization exists to improve the economic, educational, and social levels of the more than 40,000 residents of the socially and economically vulnerable University Area community surrounding the Tampa USF Campus.
Debbi Stone is Vice President of Education at The Florida Aquarium. Debbi is a frequent speaker at local, state, and national conferences and is Past-President of the Florida Marine Science Educators Association. She was recognized in 2004 for Outstanding Leadership in Watershed Education by the Southwest Florida Water Management District and received the 2008 Service Award for outstanding contributions to the Florida Marine Science Educators Association.
Studio Physique Founder and Owner Chris Field has tried just about ever workout. As a television sports anchor/reporter for 17 years in Tampa, she has also covered just about every workout. As soon as Chris heard about Lagree Fitness, she was intrigued. When Chris tried Lagree Fitness, she was hooked. The Lagree Fitness Method does it all and does it better than any other workout. Chris Field is a certified Lagree Fitness instructor and enjoys teaching classes as well as taking classes from the other amazing Studio Physique trainers.
Judi Snyder is a Master Certified Financial Transitionist. Judi joins her husband, Jeff Snyder, in their Financial Services Company, JP Snyder, "Experts in the Best Investments You've Never Heard Of". Their proprietary approach specializes in "alternative financial strategies" uncorrelated to today's volatile stock market, declining real estate market, and political or economic conditions. They do their best work for accredited investors who don't want to lose money.
Beth Blacker is the Director of Membership and Sales at Tampa Bay Business Owners, otherwise known as TBBO. Beth has extensive experience with client relations and sales through the years and has been a very active member of the community both with non-profits and through business organizations. The start of her baked goods company in 2011, tcP! Sweets, is what led her to TBBO until she decided to join their team.
Daniel Fabrizi is the Community Sales Liaison for University Village and is in charge of all outside sales and marketing for the community as well as the liaison between the community and the local hospitals and other senior living communities.
Michelangelo Mortellaro is Co-Founder with Gina Sinadinos of Mortellaro & Sinadinos, PLLC. Mr. Mortellaro received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Phoenix and graduated with honors in 2003. He received his Juris Doctor from Florida International University and graduated with honors in 2006. Mr. Mortellaro's practice areas include: Estate Planning, Probate Guardianship, Medicaid Asset Protection and VA Benefits.
Heidi Herriott is the Manager of the Greater Pinellas County Fair. Her career has taken her throughout North and South America. In 2011 and 2012, Heidi produced, directed, and starred in her own national television series, Heidi Herriott's HorseTrix, which aired for 14 months on the FamilyNet station. Her on air credits include the Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox, MSNBC, and The O'Reilly Factor.
Sandra Simpson accepted a position as Community Association Portfolio Manager with Terra Management Services in 2015. Terra Management is a boutique management firm, representing some of the finest communities in Central Florida and on the Florida Gulf Coast.
Silvana Capaldi is the Owner of Ispirare Consulting. She specializes in working with professional service organizations and businesses to provide consulting and marketing services and inspiring companies to achieve and excel to their maximum potential.
Sharon Deegan is a Real Estate Advisor with Engel & Volkers where she specializes in Pinellas County Real Estate. Owning a highly successful Landscaping Business and Private Outdoor Event Venue has been her path that has brought her to the exciting world of Real Estate. With her area expertise and expert business mind, you are in the right hands to get your property needs handled in the most professional manner.
Debbie Lane was certified by the Naturalife Institute in Basic Hypnosis and Integrative Hypnosis in 2002. She's a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, a member of the Hypnosis Education Association and an associate of the Unlimited Possibilities Hypnosis Institute. Debbie was previously a Vice President of a national chain of child care centers, The Learning Center.
Jaye Maddon is the Owner of Epic Boxing and Fitness, a new boxing studio in Tampa. This is the only "Spoxing" studio in Tampa Bay to feature both spin bikes and boxing. Jaye decided to open up the studio with her trainer Esther Solano. A typical workout at Epic entails twelve 3-minute rounds with a 30-second rest in between the rounds.
Doug Decker is the CEO of Grant Hemond and Associates. They are Tampa's "Mobile Disc Jockeys for Every Occasion". Grant Hemond and Associations is known as Tampa's "Trusted Entertainers" since 1985, specializing in DJ/Emcee Weddings, Corporate Events, Bar and Bat Mitvahs, etc.
Jason Tally is a Disc Jockey with Grant Hemond and Associates Inc. Grant Hemond and Associates is known as Tampa's "Trusted Entertainers" since 1985, specializing in DJ/Emcee Weddings, Corporate Events, Bar and Bat Mitvahs, etc.
Melissa Rutland is the Owner and Certified Investment Advisor of Rutland Florida Gulf Group. She applies real estate expertise to sophisticated commercial real estate transactions for investors. Melissa is also the City of St. Petersburg Commissioner on the Development Review Commission as well as being the first great grandchild of Hubert Rutland Sr., a Founding Father of St. Petersburg.
Dale Gordon is the Executive Director of the Tampa Hillsborough Film and Digital Media Commission and is responsible for raising awareness of the area as a great destination for film and digital media production. In order to attract companies to use Tampa and Hillsborough locations in movies, advertisements, music videos, video games, and other digital media and production opportunities, Gordon works with government entities to rebuild film and production resources. Gordon is a member of the Women in Film and Television Florida Board of Directors.
Michael LaBrecque is the Vice President of Specialty Pharmacy with Benzer Pharmacy. Throughout his career, Mike has been respected for his extensive knowledge and expertise in many segments of the pharmaceutical industry including specialty pharmacy, mail service pharmacy, retail pharmacy, PBM, and health plan management. Mike Holds an MBA from the University of South Florida and his Pharmacy Degree from the University of Rhode Island.
Michael Sutton is the Chief Executive Officer for Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County, where he has served since March 2014. As CEO of a $10M nonprofit organization, Mike provides leadership and oversees the continued delivery of the Habitat for Humanity mission of partnering with people in need to build and renovate decent, affordable housing in Pinellas County. He is responsible for building and growing community partnerships, directing staff and volunteers, overseeing fundraising efforts, and maintaining a high level of quality for all Habitat programs.
Edie Dopking, PhD, is a Founder and Executive Director of Quantum Leap Farm. She started it in 2000 after she began investigating the physical and psychological benefits of therapeutic horseback riding for disabled adults for her dissertation research.
Mark Lalli is a participant, in-house photographer and Board Member at Quantum Leap Farm. At the Farm, he rides every Tuesday morning on Sonic, the horse he sponsors. He's a retired service member of the Army and a Wounded Warrior. In 2007, he was one of five survivors in a Black Hawk helicopter crash leaving him with a traumatic brain injury and requiring the use of a wheel chair. Through therapeutic riding at Quantum Leap Farm and other therapies, Mark has significantly regained the use of his legs and can stand for long periods of times.
Andrew Samuel is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Sunshine Bank. He served as a Director and President of Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc. and President and CEO and Chairman of the Board of Susquehanna Bank, from Feb. 2012-Oct.  2014. Prior to joining Susquehanna, and beginning in 2005, Mr. Samuel served as Chairman, CEO, and President of Tower Bancorp, Inc. and Graystone Financial Corp.
Vincent Lanci went to the University of Tampa, earning his BS in 2013. In 2013, he was struck by a drunk driver days before his last undergrad semester. After waking from a coma, he was forced to take a medical leave suffering many injuries. Through the grim task of staying focused on his future, he enrolled in summer classes that same year. This event has brought him to where he is today - starting Strive to Lead.
Susan Leisner received her MBA from New York University and has earned the designation CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). Currently retired, Ms. Leisner is a past chair and current member of the Hillsborough County Commission on the Status of Women. She is also the past President and Founder of the Athena Society, a professional women's group that promotes equality and opportunity for women.
India Witte is the Vice Chair of the Hillsborough County Commission on the Status of Women and the Executive Director of the USF Women in Leadership & Philanthropy. India Witte believes in the transformational impact of education, philanthropy, and volunteerism, and has dedicated her professional life to affecting changing in our communities through these channels. India is a seasoned advancement professional with over 16 years experience in fundraising, program development, and management in the not-for-profit field, primarily in a university setting.
Mark Marder joined the board of Project Prosper in October of 2013. Besides his board affiliation, Mark is a member of Project Prosper's Loan Committee, PR Committee, and Development Committee. He joined Project Prosper because of his gratefulness to his immigrant Grandparents, whom through their life experiences taught him so many valuable life lessons.
Robin Warren founded Project Prosper in 2007. Project Prosper is an asset-building program that enables working legal immigrants residing in Pinellas County to integrate socially and economically into the community. Project Prosper provides financial education classes for immigrants as well as small loans with a matched savings plan and mentoring for recent immigrants. She served as Project Prosper's first President and currently serves as the nonprofit's Secretary.
Frank Coto is the President and Owner of Lincoln Lending Group. Lincoln Lending Group was started in 2003 by a savvy group of Real Estate Professionals and Investors who have built it over the last 10 years to compete directly with larger banks both in service and mortgage rates. Frank encourages any potential customer to go to their local bank and obtain the best deal they can and his promise is always to beat it. Frank Coto and the dedicated staff at Lincoln Lending Group will not let you down!
Born Alexander Harris, ALEX is known as a soul, R&B singer, actor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who cites Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Al Green, and Otis Redding as his major influences. At the ripe age of 12 he went on tour with his band A7, comprised of himself and five of his brothers, launching his career. Since then, he has had billboard hits, traveled the world, and created his Arts Conservatory for Teens (ACT).
Tara Isaac joined Feather Sounds Country Club in July, engaging her strengths as a business leader immediately. She directs, manages, and evaluates all club programs from an operational and strategic perspective. Her strong commitment to the mission and values of FSCC ensures a cohesive working team, service developments, and continued improvement.
Dr. Michael Garko is the host of Lets Talk Nutrition which airs live weekdays from 9am to 11am EST. Based in Tampa, Florida 1250am WHNZ, the show is Nationally syndicated and has been on air for 10 years. Dr. Garko takes on a journalistic mission to report and comment on important public health issues in America and is a frequent contributor to many health and wellness magazines, blogs, and newsletters. The mission of his show is to inform and inspire listeners on lifestyle and nutritional choices they can make to take charge of their health and live with vitality and optimism.
Areej Salem chose OB/GYN because its a very diverse field with a good medical and surgical mix, and the potential to help many women. Areej has also completed fellowships in anti-aging medicine and aesthetics. She has also learned about regenerative medicine therapies. Areej spends a lot of time with patients and takes time getting to know them by trying to understand their needs, wants, and expectations as well as working with them as a partner to achieve their goals.
Suzanne Thomas is a Patrice & Associates Franchise Owner. Suzanne is well prepared to help clients achieve their employment goals, having spent more than 25 years in sales & customer service driven industries, where she developed a passion for helping others and creating close client relationships. Suzanne's ability to provide leadership and direction to candidates and clients alike makes her a strong recruiter. She looks forward to continuing to coach & mentor people as they grow and work toward meeting their career goals.
The Founder and Creator of The Mommy Spot, Christina Campbell, is a married mother of two and native to Tampa, FL. After having a second child, Christina began her mommy blog in attempt to chronicle life raising two babies. The enjoyment she found in helping other moms immediately became a true passion and she was steadily becoming an influence in the mommy community.
Vivian Dodson is a personal chef and is very passionate about the culinary arts. Her career began in the commercial food industry with a variety of clients, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The New York Yankees (including Mr. Steinbrenner) and other high profile contracts. Working one-on-one with clients allows her to build relationships, share knowledge, experience, and her creative recipes.
Lisa Davis has been working in the human service field since 1990, always specializing in children's services. In 2000 she founded an agency specializing in sexually abusive youth. She also worked as the Executive Director of The Family Resources Manatee Programs before becoming the CEO. Lisa is passionate about working with youth and has made this a priority in her career.
Cindi Mainer has been in the nonprofit arena fore more than 30 years in the areas of Development, Marketing, and Public Relations for charities such as The Arthritis Foundation, the American Cancer Society and the Adoption Exchange. She has worked with Family Resources since March of 2014. Cindi excels in identifying exceptional volunteers to conduct and execute special events and has a passion for detail and management.
Starting as a young child, John Gilmore's dedicated, hard work, and persistence were evidenced by his constant desire to be better and improve on the football field. He was also, and continues to be, a very curious individual, soaking up everything around him. Known as both a Team Player and a Team Leader, John's curiosity and desire for more led him to becoming an entrepreneur, parlaying the same skills he used to succeed on the field into what would become Gilmore Brands, Inc.
Jordann Windschauer is a native Floridian who grew up doing gymnastics and embraced the competitive nature that accompanies sports. After college she moved downtown Tampa and joined a Corssfit gym and participated in a month-long Paleo challenge. At the end of the month she physically felt incredible, but realized there were no Paleo-friendly ways to indulge her sweet tooth. After countless hours spent deciphering recipes and sourcing quality, paleo-friendly ingredients she was determined to create food everyone would enjoy.
Robert Barber is a Residential and Commercial Real Estate Advisor at Coastal Properties Group International with Christie's International  Real Estate. He serves as Vice President of the Commercial division and is Co-Founder of the Moeller & Barber Real Estate Team, a multi-million dollar producing residential team specializing in Luxury and Waterfront property. Robert came to Real Estate after an established career with Florida Power & Light, where he served as Director of Human Resources.
Sam Belyea is a Tampa native and Tampa's only Nationally Certified Reflexologist. He is the Owner of The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute and his 300-hour Reflexology Training Program has put him on the map as Florida's up and coming master of Reflexology. Sam's background consists of Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Yoga, and energy-related health modalities. He is the Social Media chair for the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association and stays actively involved by speaking to massage schools about the benefits of Reflexology.
Larry Harbolt is the nation's leading creative Seller Financing expert as well as a popular national real estate speaker and teacher whose time-tested strategies and nuts and bolts teaching style has helped thousands aspiring real estate entrepreneurs realize their financial dreams with little or no money and without the need for credit. He is one of only two real estate teachers whose works have ever been inducted into the Library of Congress.
Stevie Morgan is the CEO of CaterMeFit, a trusted wellness corporation and fresh food meals delivery service dedicated to providing the highest quality, fresh and nutritious gourmet food to busy professionals, stay at home moms, athletes and anyone looking to obtain or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their meals are cooked fresh with quality local and seasonal ingredients and delivered to your home or business daily.
Deborah Cox Roush is the Owner of DCR Creative Solutions of Florida, an advocacy consulting and event Management Company, DCR provides dynamic strategy, organization and management for advocacy issues, political campaigns, and corporate events as well as complete onsite management. Debbie is also actively involved in the Women's Exchange Founders Board, a Founder of Rising Women's Network, a member of Working Women of Tampa Bay and many women's causes throughout our community.
Kim Randall is a Social Brand Strategist , Tedx Speaker, blogger, and passionate entrepreneur. Kim currently serves as Co-Chair for Beer & Bow Ties, a fundraising event to benefit the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, and serves on the board advisors for HCC's entrepreneurship program.
Douglas Eze established Largo Financial Services, Inc. in 2000 with a vision of providing individuals and small business owners with the education and guidance needed to achieve financial freedom. With over 18 years of experience in the financial services industry, Douglas has continually studied and trained to stay current on the principles and trends of personal finance and wealth accumulation. His ability to explain concepts to clients in a manner that they can understand and his "common sense" pragmatic approach sets him apart.
Bob McKnight is the Owner and President of McKnight & McKnight Insurance. McKnight & McKnight Insurance is a fully independent health insurance brokerage working with all the major carriers ensuring that they always find their clients the best coverage at the lowest cost. Bob is an expert when it comes to the new healthcare law and can explain what these changes mean to you or your business. He is licensed and certified to assist you both on and off the Health Insurance Marketplace.
Jeff Gerard is the Founder of Simons Soldiers Foundation, a non-profit employing veterans training homeless canines to be Emotional Support Buddy Dogs for Military Veterans disabled by PTSD. He is also the executive producer for Gerard Films, a TV production company that has produced some of the most successful cause marketing and direct response campaigns in television history for Wal-Mart, Visa, Costco, Marriott, Dairy Queen, Rite Aid, Blue Cross, and others.
Dr. Andrew Gold is a full-time business faculty member at Hillsborough Community College, and also teachers in the graduate school at the University of Tampa, and the University of South Florida. Gold is a lifelong entrepreneur having started five businesses over the past 22 years. His core areas of research interest include using social entrepreneurship to teach at-risk students, the effects of moral persuasion on academic dishonesty, and the lean startup methodology and its effect on entrepreneurial venture success.
John Gaston is the Director and Producer of Tampa Bay Multimedia. Tampa Bay Multimedia offers audio, video, and web services for television, advertising, conferences, trade shows, music productions, churches, schools, and dance performances. They can supply complete lighting, audio, projection, and high definition camera systems. Tampa Bay Multimedia can switch and stream all your live events, anywhere in the world.
Rod Wortham is in charge of Operations and Marketing at Tampa Bay Multimedia. Tampa Bay Multimedia offers audio, video, and web services for television, advertising, conferences, trade shows, music productions, churches, schools, and dance performances. They can supply complete lighting, audio, projection, and high definition camera systems. Tampa Bay Multimedia can switch and stream all your live events, anywhere in the world.
Barry Horvath and DeLynn Gaston are the personalities on Tampa Bay Multimedia's Moving Forward TV, also presented by Moving Forward for all of us Real Estate & Mortgage professionals who are still hanging in here in the industry we love.
Michael Ackendorf is President of ACK PROMOTIONAL, LLC. Michael has worked under small business entrepreneurs, freelance marketers, and fortune 500 corporate leaders. His experience, diversified skill set, and personality is instrumental in helping ACK PROMOTIONAL and its clientele ascend to new heights of potential. He authors the ACK PROMOTIONAL NEWS blog/newsletter along with being the writer, producer, and host of the video blog ACK PROMOTIONAL TV.
Jodi Avery believes in intentional networking. She has been featured on the Daytime Show, heard regularly on local radio and is well known for her "Best of the Best in Tampa Bay" A-list book. Jodi is the number on Real Estate Agent for Keller Williams Realty for 2014 & 2015, and recently won Service Business of the Year from the Safety Harbor Chamber of Commerce and the Dove Award Recipient for going Above and Beyond in all areas of life. She is also Co-Founder with her daughter Lily of the Make Kindness Count Movement.
Wendi Braswell is the "go to girl" for style knowledge and expertise in television, radio, & print media. She is a featured Fashion Expert on NBC's Daytime as seen in over 140 cities across America including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago & Tampa. Wendi has been featured in several publications showcasing her styling expertise. Wendi has been voted Best Stylist by Tampa Bay Business Journal's "Best in the Biz" 2012 & 2013.
Tim Jarrett joined ClubCorp in 2008 at the Cardinal Club in Raleigh, North Carolina, and was then promoted to the Centre Club in 2009. With the help of Employee Partners and Members, the Club has received the coveted Circle of Excellence award 3 times in the last 4 years, and Tim has been recognized nationally as the "Superstar of the Year." Tim's leadership has allowed for several of the programs created within the Centre Club to be benchmarked nationally at other Clubs.
Linda Joy Rose, Ph.D. aka "Dr. L J" is a therapist, author, and expert in Health Living. She is a pioneer in the training and implementation of hypnotherapeutic training and subconscious dynamics world-wide. She is the Founder of the Natural Wellness Academy, now operating in 9 countries, with online training in Holistic Health and Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification and more self-help programs. She appears regularly on NBS's Daytime Show and a writer for The Huffington Post.
Ben Wieder moved to Tampa Bay and founded Level 6 in 2005. With a heavy focus on brand performance, his firm has helped multiple clients achieve improved ROI by leveraging the very latest technological innovations. The firm's specialized capabilities include brand development, online training, customer incentives and content marketing. Current clients range from well-founded startups to multiple Fortune 500 corporations.
David Chitester is the CEO of Florida Founders, an online venture capital firm that links investors to entrepreneurs seeking capital. With a goal of keeping startup talent in the state, Florida Founders aims to provide seed capital to promising tech entrepreneurs to help them succeed.
Dr. Steve O'Brien is a Child Psychologist and Creator of the Psych Touch app. Psych-Touch aims to modernize more traditional evaluation and therapeutic tools with a nod to the digital age, while simultaneously making such instruments accessible to a wide range of professionals. Many psychological instruments can only be administered by licensed mental health professionals, and while a reasonable rationale for this exists, this fact limits professionals in other fields who serve children.
Tara Knauss-Wilga has been a volunteer ambassador for Children's Cancer Center for the past 5 years and is proud to be one of the chairs for Wine, Women & Shoes. She is a proud native of Tampa Bay and loves to be involved in the community. Any chance to part for a purpose! Tara is very passionate about philanthropic and arts organizations.
Billy Quarantillo is a professional MMA fighter. He was born and raised in a small town outside of Buffalo, NY, after receiving his associates in Business Administrations he decided to move to Tampa to pursue his dream of becoming a world champion prize fighter. It has been 5 years since he moved here and the goal has not been obtained yet but he continues to make progress towards his ultimate goal. Currently, he is on the reality TV show called "The Ultimate Fighter" which is a tournament to get a UFC (biggest fighting promotion in the world) contract.
Anna Inglet is the Founder and CEO of Putnam Health Advocates, located in Tampa, FL. Anna is a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Rehabilitation Sciences. Her 30 year career has been spent entirely in healthcare beginning as a therapist working with Spinal Cord, Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injured patients. Since 1999, she has been the owner of several companies relating to Healthcare Revenue Cycle, Care Management, and Patient Advocacy.
Frank Parrish has over 20 years experience in supporting large global clients in the manufacturing, consumer products and financial services industries by providing significant client business value to his clients through IT services based solutions. During his career, Frank has had significant global experience with clients and managing global teams. His responsibilities have included deliver, transition, sales, and executive leadership.
Carolynn Smith is a Hall of Famer in NCAA Women's Basketball, Emcee of the 2015 NCAA Women's Basketball Final Four, a Former Fox Sports Radio personality, "Million Dollar Baby" in sales and marketing for Hilton Hotels Worldwide & Starwood Hotels and owner of the highly successful company, Seven PR + Marketing - Carolynn Smith is a sales, marketing, and PR professional, specializing in marketing, public relations, and event production with over 10 years of experience in the sports, hospitality, and entertainment industries.
Motivational speaker, Maja Kazazic grew up in Bosnia as the Bosnian War was raging in Mostar in the early 1990s. The citizens of Mostar had managed the best they could; foraging for food, hauling water from the river and helping each other get through dark nights filled with gunfire. As though living with a war being fought outside her front door wasn't challenged enough, Maja's life changed forever in the summer of 1993. A mortar shell fell in her courtyard, critically injuring her and killing six of her friends. Maja travels the country telling her story in a simple, compelling way.
Thanecha Anderson's motto is "Life is what you make it...make it something beautiful!" Growing up poor, Thanecha faced a lot of hardships in her life. Fortunately, she overcame the obstacles in her life and has decided to share her wisdom with the world and help others in need. Thanecha is not only a singer, songwriter, and musician, but also an "Advocate for Humanity". This means that she will fight so that all people can have the opportunity to live the life they have always dreamed of.
Soul Circus Cowboys are four extremely talented individuals, Billy McKnight; vocals, band leader and songwriter, Jason Alfano; drummer, Michael Bachl bass, vocals and Rick Morgan on guitar. These guys are as authentic as genuine leather and twice as tough. Collectively Soul Circus Cowboys have seen more road and travelled more country than the chrome bumper on a freight haulin' eighteen wheeler...All this 'livin' has honed their talents to "craft" this incredible band that can more than deliver on record and in concert.
Michael K. Farr is President and majority owner of Farr, Miller & Washington, LLC. He is Chairman of the Investment Committee and is responsible for overseeing the day to day activities of the firm. Mr. Farr is a paid Contributor for CNBC television and has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, NBC's Nightly News, CNN, BloombergTV, Reuters, and the Nightly Business Report. His market blogs can be found on, and
Todd Jones is the Principal of RealAdvice. Since 1985, Mr. Jones has provided complex income-producing commercial property valuation, expert testimony, litigation support, investment advice, appraisal review, and much more. Todd is also the President of the Florida Association of Property Tax Professionals and an inaugural member of the Florida TaxWatch Tax Advisory Council.
Katharine Eagan is Chief Executive Officer of the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART). HART provides nearly 50,000 passenger trips a day and about 15 million trips a year. Ms. Eagan took the helm of HART in May 2014. Under her leadership, the Authority provides safe, innovative, and high quality transit services in Hillsborough Country by partnering with employees, customers, stakeholders, and the communities throughout the county.
Paul Swindle is a managing partner of Relocation Strategies Tampa. His responsibilities include operations management, relocation consulting, project management, and business development. He has over 10 years of executive business experience specializing in operation strategy and process efficiency. Prior to launching RST, Paul served as Vice President of operations for Mortgage Contracting Services, a default mortgage servicing company.
Anthony Surber takes tremendous pride in supporting his clients with the utmost care and devotion. Before starting his own practice he worked at a large Tampa Bay law firm concentrating on real estate and personal injury related matters. Along with his well-versed knowledge of these areas of practice, Anthony has extensive experience in foreclosure defense and automobile accidents. Opening in 2005, The Law Offices of Anthony W. Surber made the commitment to put clients first.
Erika Lance began her 11 years with Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) in the role as the VP Administration over HR and moved then to SVP Administration which also encompassed an Executive Role over Client Relations. This gave her the tools she needed to move into the role of Chief Information Officer in 2014. While overseeing the Information Technology sector, Erika has had a hand in conceiving and building a new line of service for NTC's portfolio; the Collateral File Audit Service.
Robyn Spoto is an entrepreneur and tenured digital marketing and sales professional. She is the CEO of SpotOn Digital Media, Co-Founder of MamaBear App, Co-Founder of ThingToBring and is currently leading the Women's Accelerator forum for TampaBay Wave. Robyn was recently named one of the top 5 emerging women in tech by Curious Minds and prides herself of forging through adversity by adhering to a set of personal core values that include integrity, open-minded learning and relentless problem-solving.
Susan Scherer is an Oncology/Critical Care Nurse and is the CEO/Founder of RN Cancer Guides and VP of the RNCG Angel Foundation. Susan also serves on the Oncology Nursing Society National Board for Nurse Navigation as well as the Greater Tampa ONS board as a legislative liaison. She also is a member of The Southwest Cancer Control Collaborative. This organization is instrumental decreasing the burden of cancer through a united effort by the promotion of education, advocacy, and research for the people of southwest Florida.
Rahul N. Mehra, M.D. is the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Mehravista Health, LLC. MehraVista Health is a national, Florida based healthcare organization specializing in employee wellness focusing specifically on the improvement of employee emotional health. Clients include large publically traded companies to small privately held not for profits. Dr. Mehra is the first resident to be selected to the Alumni Board and a former Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at USF.
Frank D. Murphy persevered through countless obstacles to live out his dream of playing professional football. His journey to the NFL began in high school where he won numerous awards as the senior running back and return specialist at West Nassau High School, including: All-American, All State and Player of the Year. After a successful collegiate football career, Murphy was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2000. Murphy suited up as a running back, wide receiver, and return specialist for the Tampa Bay Bucs, Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans.
Kelly Woodruff is the Business Development Manager at Pure Life Medi-Spa. Pure Life Medi-Spa was founded by Dr. G. Joseph Fitzgerald. The top notch team of healthcare and skincare specialists at Pure Life will give you the whole body health and youth maintenance treatment that will ensure a radiant, enduring, and pure kind of beauty.
Wes Strickland is an established marketing executive with more than 25 years of marketing experience in both financial services and the software and technology industry. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Grow Financial Federal Credit Union - overseeing the organization's traditional and digital marketing programs, in-branch marketing, and digital interactions with members.
Mark Haney serves as the Vice President of Advancement for The Florida Aquarium. In this role, he oversees the fundraising efforts of the Aquarium. He also has responsibility for government relations. He works closely with the Board of Directors and the CEO to raise money to help ensure the future sustainability of the Florida Aquarium.
Ali Brown is the Founder and President of Eventions of Florida. While her current role focuses on sales and production of events and day to day operations, Ali has produced programs for national citywide conferences with up to 40,000 attendees, multiple Super Bowls, Final Fours, corporate incentive programs and charity events for non profit organizations nationwide. Despite the demands of a growing company, Ali still finds the time to be dedicated and active in hospitality industry organizations and Working Women of Tampa Bay.
Rachel Revill is the CSO "Chief Solutions Officer" owner of PerfecTiming Concierge. Since 2004, she has been freeing up time, providing peace of mind, bring calm order to chaos, increasing productivity...essentially enhancing her clients lives. Rachel and her team of personal concierges meet the needs of their busy and demanding lifestyles of their clients. Rachel comments, "Every day is an adventure, I have the best job ever."
Owner and Instructor of Access Computer Training, Kristin Pelletier, is a Microsoft Officer Certified Computer Trainer. She has 20+ years of experience working with various Microsoft programs and has 3 years of experience developing and currently teaching several classes to best suit the needs of her clients. Access Computer Training is a member of the SmartStart Incubator & Pasco Economic Development Council and recently received the prestigious member of the year award.
Enrique Woodroffe received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Architecture from the University of Florida in 1972 and 1976. Mr. Woodroffe, prior to establishing Woodroffe Corporation Architects in 1986, was Vice President, Project Director, and Director of Quality Assurance for a 60 person architectural firm in Tampa. His responsibilities included firm-wide quality control, project management, development of review standards for production and contracts, Construction Administration Services and continuing education of staff.
Bob Rohrlack, CCE, serves as the President and CEO of The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, the voice of business for the Tampa Bay area. He leads the Chamber's mission to "Serve our members and enhance the community by building business success" overseeing the daily operations of the Chamber. He began in this role in 2009. The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce is the current Florida Chamber of Commerce of the Year.
Kyle and Robyn Matthews founded Because of Ezra in 2011 after losing their first son Ezra to neuroblastoma cancer in 2010. Ezra was just 800 days old when he died, and his joy and battle have since inspired thousands to get involved with supporting a cure for childhood cancer. Their goal is to raise money to support relevant research and clinical trials with physicians and researchers who can help make a difference in survival today. By the end of 2015, nearly $700,000 of research will have been funded through Because of Ezra.
Ryan started one of his first photography businesses back in 2003 along with a friend that morphed into significantly more than he would have imagined. He is now a nationally and internationally award winning and published photographer; winning awards for his portrait and creative work. Ryan has focused for the last 12 years on helping companies with their branding using photography and videograph. Through his company he donates over 100 hours of time per year to charities around Tampa Bay.
Gabriel Aluisy is the Founder of Shake Creative, a Tampa based branding and design agency focused on helping country clubs and luxury lifestyle brands build revenue & connect with consumers. He is the author of the best selling book, Moving Targets: Creating Engaging Brands in an On-Demand World and the host of The Branding Podcast. He works with the majority of Tampa's private golf clubs and has helped country clubs and yacht clubs across the country brand and market themselves better.
Katie Krimitsos is the Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer of the Tampa Bay Business Owners, a very special community of business owners who come together to provide support, education and connections for one another. She and her Greek husband, Chris, have the privilege of leading this amazing community!
Dr. Buck Parker is a trauma surgeon and also specializes in expert medical opinions on the web, radio, & tv programs nationwide. You may have seen him recently on the new Bear Grylls & NBC survivor Reality Show "The Island". Dr. Buck functioned as a cast member as well as their primary medical expert on the show. Dr. Buck says if you were to speak with his patients that they would tell you they do not feel like he's another jaded and inconsiderate surgeon, but gives them the sense he is simply one human trying to help another in the best way possible.
Augustus Invictus is an attorney and community leader in Orlando, Florida. Best known as a radical philosopher and infamous social critic, he is Managing Partner of Imperium, P.A., the law firm he founded in 2013. Since becoming an attorney, Augustus has worked to defend those who have become collateral damage of America's two longest running wars: the War on Drugs and the War on Terror.
Bruce Serbin is an award-winning media publicist working primarily with authors and entrepreneurs in a variety of fields, from financial services and the travel industry to attorneys, medical professional, business consultants, professional speakers, interior designers, and everything in between. Bruce has secured media coverage for his clients in top media around the world.
Dana Pepper Carpenter is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker. As a Corporate Executive, she's built a solid reputation of dedication, fearless action and relationship building while working with some of the largest and well known organizations in the world including: Walt Disney World, Clear Channel Communications, Robert Half International, and KB Home. As an entrepreneur, Dana is lending her talents as the Director of Business Development for TalentLinc, a growing full service Recruiting Firm in West Palm Beach.
Katie McGill has dedicated much of her adult life to helping people better themselves through classroom workshops, retreats and workforce development programs. Ms. McGill is well known throughout the Bay area because of her workshops and her volunteerism. Because of her untiring dedication and commitment to Dress for Success Tampa Bay, the founder and retired Executive Director, Pat Ellington asked Ms. McGill to become the Executive Director of Dress for Success Tampa Bay.
Jennifer McVan is the Director of Media Relations for Florida Hospital West Florida Region, a 1,257-bed healthcare system that is part of the Florida Division of Adventist Health System. McVan manages the day to day media relations and crisis communications for 9 hospitals as well as plans events, campaigns, and press conferences. She is also a 5 time Emmy Award winning Journalist.
Energetic and accessible, acclaimed standup comedian John Heffron shares an array of relatable experiences from childhood through life as a married father. He's learned a thing or two about relationships with family, friends, and even himself along his journeys, gaining an astute, uniquely honest perspective widely praised among his comedy peers.
Anthony Amos started his career playing professional rugby out of high school in Australia. While playing football, Anthony decided to use his down time to start his own business. At age 21, he founded a mobile dog grooming business. The Hydrodog 'prototype' consisted of a secondhand Hydrodog-bath (special dog bath) strapped on the back of a box trailer! In 2006, he decided it was time to sell Hydrodog Australia and New Zealand. At the time, it sold for a record sum. Anthony's also a keynote speaker specializing in Ultimate Partnerships, How to Catch a Shark & franchising. He's now a published author.
Bob Circosta is TV's original home shopping host and one of the individuals who helped create the multi-billion dollar TV home shopping industry. Over the past 38 years, Bob has logged over 25,000 hours of LIVE selling on TV...made over 75,000 separate product presentations...and has, individually, sold over one billion dollars in merchandise - earning him the title: "TV's Billion Dollar Man".
John Cremeans is one of the first on-air home shopping hosts and considered a pioneer in the home shopping industry! His span of over 32 years as a broadcaster and national television shopping host is unrivaled by only a few in electronic retailing! During his tenure in the industry he has represented designer jewelry lines, cookware, the latest electronics, everything for the home...even fashion! John is the most recognized late night, early morning, shopping host in the industry with a proven strategy for success, both on and off camera!
Chris Jenkins is a web developer and serial entrepreneur who believes the most important part of technology is how it affects people. As Chief Technology Officer of Symphoni Media, he leads a development team focused on automation and integration for the web.
Tony Selvaggio is the Founder of eSmart Recycling, a division of Scrap on Spot LLC. Tony has learned how to identify and create value where others see trash. His company is able to provide a tangible benefit for the community by recycling and repurposing electronics from corporate clients with the goal of opening a window to the digital world for people in developing countries who don't have access to technology.
In July of 2008, Symmetric Engineering Group began in George Lakiotis' townhouse and has quickly grown into a large office and data center based in the heart of the tri-countries. SEG serves most major verticals and now delivers Managed IT Services and Private Clouds to businesses in all 50 states. George leads the SEG team, directs the company's exciting future, and consistently researches new technology to better serve his customers.
Jim Coble is the CEO of 13 Fishing, Make Your Own Luck. Jim believes fishing doesn't have to be  a pastime and doesn't believe quality fishing equipment is reserved only for the wealthy. Jim believes that fishing is exciting and fun, and wants to share fishing experiences to prove it. 13 Fishing introduces new and innovative technologies, new ways of approaching fishing as a sport, and new methods of interacting and reaching out with fellow anglers to share and learn in the adventure of fishing.
Jane Rakestraw, CEO of Fun at Kona Ice, opened her business in 2013 and has given back thousands to the Tampa Bay community. Jane is continuing Kona Ice's tradition of donating thousands of dollars each year to local school groups, teams and community organizations. As she books events with these groups, she pledges to give back a percentage of the proceeds from each stop. Nnationwide, Kona Ice has donated more than $27 million dollars to community-based organizations since the launch in June 2007.
Prior to founding Seabridge Wealth Management in 2011, Matt DiGennaro spent over 25 years on Wall Street in the securities and asset management business. Matt Has considerable global asset management experience having lived and worked in the financial district of London and conducted business in over 45 countries. In addition high net-worth individuals, foundations, and state & local governments, he has worked with some of the world's largest and most sophisticated corporations, sovereign wealth funds and foreign central banks.
For the Girls International's mission is to grow a company of women of all ages and walks of life that are not willing to settle for anything less than EVERYTHING that God has for them. They believe that at this particular time in history God is calling women to step out of their comfort zone and relentlessly pursue the dreams that live deep in their hearts. They aim to unlock the power that's fueled by women's innate capacity to love and nurture, and channel it into a revolutionary movement of women meeting the needs of a hurting world.
Author Linda Bond worked as a tv news reporter & anchor in Fort Myers, Orlando & Tampa Florida. For the past fifteen years, she's been a health reporter, sharing important information with viewers on the latest medical breakthroughs & writing emotional human-interest stories on those who have the courage and spirit to fight for their lives. Entangled Publishing released her second romantic adventure, Cuba Undercover in July of 2015. She has won 12  Emmy awards, Society of Professional Journalist awards, and Associated Press awards, as well as a Florida Bar award and Edward R. Murrow award.
Tim Sweeney is a Florida-licensed attorney and Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professional. Tim has worked exclusively in the field of addictions for the past 20 years. Tim also created the country's first attorney-specific treatment program. Tim now runs Sweeney Interventions, helping families across the country intervene upon their loved ones to engage in recovery from addiction. Tim has performed over 200 successful interventions and 150 Marchman Act civil commitments.
Karen Mertes is a Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) from the United States Air Force. Karen turned a life altering tragedy into a life purpose with her organization, Fulfill Your Destiny. A car accident was the genesis that led her to start the non-profit organization that financially helps people whose careers have been altered by injury or other unforeseen circumstances.
Cindy Hesterman became a Vistage Chair in 2002 so she could focus her career on helping executives become better leaders, make better decisions and achieve better results. Vistage combines monthly peer group meetings, resource speakers, executive coaching, and access to a brain trust of over 19,000 members in 16 countries. As part of Vistage's program of ongoing personal and professional development, Cindy facilitates the group meetings and conducts monthly one-to-one executive coaching sessions with each CEO member in her two CEO groups.
Jason Woody serves as the President and CEO of the Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research. He and his dedicated team have helped bring the "gift of sight" to over 65,000 men, women, and children around the world. His true commitment to help those blind or visually impaired has been demonstrated by his over 25 year tenure with the Lions Eye Institute.
Ashish Dhar is the Director of Grand Opinion, a healthcare solutions company that provides expert medical opinions through their virtual clinic. By giving consumers easy online access to 2nd opinions of a diagnosis, Ashish and Grand Opinion work to eliminate the emotional trauma and unnecessary costs of a mis-diagnosed illness or disease.
Trimeka Benjamin is the President of Swim Digital Group, a comprehensive marketing services company that spans the entire communication spectrum from planning to implementation. Beyond her professional life, she is very involved in the Tampa Bay community through volunteering and mentoring and works with many organizations including the American Marketing Association, Tampa Technology Forum and the Junior League of Tampa amongst many others!
Jessica Muroff is a Writer, Speaker, and newly named CEO of the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida. Jessica has been CEO of Frameworks of Tampa Bay since 2013 and prior to working in nonprofit, Jessica served as Marketing Manager with Raymond James Financial and Director of Marketing with Saks Fifth Avenue. Jessica, a former West Central Girl Scout, looks to inspire and guide the girls into high-impact and meaningful career roles.
Walker Peek is the CEO of Residential Acoustics which offers customized and standard products that enable individuals to reduce noise in their living spaces. They design, manufacture, and sell 3 product lines - The AcoustiCurtainTM and AcoustiTracTm for windows, and AcoustiDoorTM for interior openings and doors - that block noise transfer between rooms and buildings. Both are unique products that combine sound-blocking properties with the ability to customize the curtain to the customer's interior décor.
Tracy Weston is the CEO of Hydro Shield and helps homeowners and business owners beautify their homes and offices in a cost effective manner. Tracy offers a wide range of programs and services from cleaning of tile and grout, to sealing of granite and glass surfaces and many natural stones and more.
Peter Mulry founded The Peter J. Mulry Foundation to teach life skills through sports. Peter served as Head Coach for Tampa Catholic High School for 10 years amassing a record of 329-39 as a High School Coach and also coached the University of Tampa Baseball team from 1978 to 1981. He is a recent inductee into the Tampa Sports Club Hall of Fame and Author of the book "Conversations in the Seventh Inning of My Life" in which he chronicles the stories of 30 of his former players about the life skills they learned while playing baseball!
Wendy Haag-Bernhard is the President and Owner of The Berwen Group, a commercial Real Estate Development and Property Management Company and Owner of two franchises for MY SALON Suite with locations in Palm Harbor and St. Petersburg. Wendy is in studio to discuss her new MY SALON Suite opening and share with the audience their commitment to FLAIR - Fun, Love, Creativity, Inspiration, and Entrepreneurism!
Travis Godwin is an Attorney with Shankman Leone Attorneys. His diverse practice includes representing individuals and entities in various areas of health care law, employment issues, trademark infringement, civil defense, and business transactions. Travis received his Law degree from the University of Miami and is an active member of the Tampa Bay community where he serves on the Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Tampa, and First Tee of Tampa Bay.
Lisa Saff-Koche, MD has always focused on finding the cause of complaints instead of just treating symptoms with medications. Her practice, Spectra Wellness Solutions located in South Tampa, uses cutting edge methods and is dedicated to utilizing the best of both traditional and integrative medicine.
Cary Gaylord has represented clients in over 30 counties Florida as well as in the federal courts and courts of Illinois and Georgia. He has handled cases involving large vacant parcels, churches, national big box retailers, shopping centers, gas station/convenience stores, fast food restaurants, supermarket chains, professional offices, farmers, retailers, grove operators, golf course owners, homeowners, as well as other properties both in eminent domain and inverse condemnation proceedings.
Lorena Hart Ludovici represents a broad range of business and property owners in the State of Florida. She has also handled cases in Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. Her diverse clientele includes owners of shopping centers, supermarket chains, gas stations, restaurants, professional offices, cell towers, golf courses, groves and homeowners. She is a founding partner of Gaylord Merlin Ludovici & Diaz and is admitted to practice before all state courts, U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. District Courts for the Middle and South Districts of Florida.
Kai Yaniz is a Managing Member and Financial Coach with The Vault Key. As a financial coaching firm, The Vault Key works with you to evaluate how to make the most of your income and develop a positive relationship with money.
Renee Dabbs has her own firm that focuses on helping organizations that are big on ideas but struggle with executing those ideas. Renee is currently working with the National Foundation of Women Legislators, and has founded "Women Empowering Women in Legislation and Leadership" and is one of the founders of "Women's Exchange".
In 2008, Monica Leonard hung up her nursing uniform for the last time to start Molly's Suds. Her passion for truly safe ingredients and no room for compromise, after the loss of her daughter Molly, fuels the company. As consumers, we think about what we ear, but not about what we allow to touch our skin and how the ingredients can and do leach into our bloodstream! The decision was made to create Laundry Powder and other household products that are truly safe for humans.
Anthony Diaz has over 15 years of experience in leadership, healthcare, global product & platform development, health & wellness, human resources, and organizational development. Anthony is the Executive Vice President of Health Hero and is in studio to talk about what exactly is Health Hero, why is health such a hot topic, what makes Health Hero different, and key insights on building a startup!
James Chittenden founded Triumph Business Services to fill a variety of business needs. Primarily, Triumph Business Services helps entrepreneurs through a critical and challenging time; the actual start of the business. He has helped businesses and tradespeople of all kinds, and in every stage of their businesses to obtain financing regardless of economic conditions. He offers entrepreneurs insight based on years of deep involvement in the banking and finances of businesses and their owners.
Jeff Chernoff is a native of Tampa Bay who works in the family business. As an Insurance Advisor at Insurance and Trust, Jeff focuses on providing package policies for individuals and families, life insurance, disability income and long term care. Jeff and his family take pride in his being a 3rd generation insurance advisor serving businesses, families, and individuals.
Kip Marlow is the host of Entrepreneur Club Radio, a radio show dedicated to sharing the successes of entrepreneurship airing Tuesdays at 8:30am on WINT1330. Kip is the Author of "The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice", which chronicles the stories of 22 successful entrepreneurs. Kip has a passion for unlocking the secrets of successful people and has founded The Risk Takers to capture some of those secrets. Kip joins us in studio to talk all about Risk and why being a successful entrepreneur is all about taking risks!
Ed Suyak is leading expert in creating and publishing custom and niche publications from concept to completion. His 15 plus years in media publishing and media sales has provided him experience in a wide variety of publication genres. Currently, he serves as the Managing Director for Mashed Media Group and Publisher for several magazine titles. Ed also serves as Board Member and Chair of Business Enhancement for the CDCA (Channel District Community Alliance).
Dr. Deepa Verma is a Double-Board Certified Integrative Medical Doctor and owner of Synergistiq Integrative Health in Clearwater. Not only does Deepa own her own practice, Deepa is also a guest Physician on the Daytime Show on NBC (WFLA-8) and is also an author and blogger for several publications. Deepa practices Integrative Medicine and will be discussing how it differs from traditional and conventional medical practices.
Todd DeLozier is the President of Meridian Security, LLC a contact security company headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. As a security professional he has worked with such international companies as Nike, John Deere, and the NFL Players Association. Over his 20 years in public safety he has been involved in every facet of the industry including Sales, Human Resources, Operations, and Corporate Management.
Brenda Loube is Principal and Co-Founder of Corporate Fitness Works, a trusted provider of comprehensive wellness and fitness solutions established in 1988. Certified as a women-owned business through the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), Corporate Fitness Works is an industry leader in the design and development of high-energy corporate, government, and residential wellness and fitness programs.
Sheila I. Drohan has over 40 years of experience making her mark as a visionary leader in the industry of corporate wellness and fitness. Co-Founder, owner, and CEO of Corporate Fitness Works, Sheila along with founding partner Brenda Loube, built the company off of just three wellness contracts and a shared vision to lead a health revolution that moves everybody.
JJ Roberts is a serial entrepreneur with three successful technology startups to his credit. Each of these startups utilized proprietary imaging technologies for industrial automation and quality improvement. Some of the technologies developed are still in use at some of the leading companies of the world including Proctor & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, First Quality Products, and 3M. Two of his startups were members of the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech, one of the earliest business incubators in the country.
Joryn Jenkins is a trial attorney with 35 years of courtroom experience. Now in private practice at Open Palm in Tampa, Joryn concentrates on the collaborative practice of family law. Ms. Jenkins received her B.A. degree from Yale University when she was nineteen years old and her J.D. from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. She is a former editor of The Family Law Commentator and former editor-in-chief of both The Federal Lawyer and The Bencher magazines.
Valcooks, LLC was founded by Valerie Wilson Reed in 2008 from her love of cooking, dining, and entertaining. Valcooks originally developed a line of designer hostess aprons, and within a year was featured on HSN and nationally syndicated NBC television's "1st Look". Currently, she is a restaurant blogger, television products spokesperson, cookbook author (to be released soon) and contributing author to "These Sistas Can Cook" cookbook.
Top Tier Expos is owned and operated by Tina and Francis Leger, a husband and wife duo with over two decades (each) of event production and promotion in a variety of compositions. With experience in producing, marketing and execution of everything from concerts, banquets, sales conferences and large scale consumer shows, they bring a wide range of skills and expertise to all of the events they are involved in.
Carie Crowley is the CEO & Founder of Octagon Exhibits, a managing partner in Tampa Bay's most beloved Food Truck Event, Flicks & Food Trucks. Her partnership in Flicks & Food Trucks came about due to her heavy involvement with Tampa Bay Markets for whom she handles sponsorship relations, social media marketing & on site event management & logistics.
Entrepreneur Anthony "Sully" Sullivan has worked with some of the world's most successful household brands and new products that have accounted for over one billion dollars in international sales. Perhaps best known as the spokesman for OxiClean, few know that Sullivan's Clearwater, Florida based production company is also a force behind the camera, having scripted, produced and placed a number of commercial spots for the Church & Dwight CO., Inc. brand and America's #1 versatile stain remover.
Christina Sloan is a Managing Partner with Proudly Florida. Proudly Florida is the umbrella brand dedicated to showcasing industries around the State of Florida and is part of the global organization, Global Village, whose mission is to promote the best of every Country, City, and Region. Along with Ashley Novak, Christina promotes these areas through ""The Best of Books" and are looking for more success stories from the Region to share in their book series.
Ashley Novak is a Managing Partner with Proudly Florida. Proudly Florida is the umbrella brand dedicated to showcasing industries around the state of Florida and is part of the global organization, Global Village, whose mission is to promote the best of every Country, City, and Region. Ashley works with local agencies and organizations to promote the area for tourism, travel, and business.
Robert Callahan was born into Real Estate from a father who is a general contractor and a mother who is a Real Estate Broker. Robert started working in the mortgage industry in 1999 and today is with Insured Title Agency as the Director of Business Development. His experience in the Real Estate Business at an early age helps bring a unique perspective to help meet his client's needs.
Kevin Overstreet is the President and Owner of Insured Title Agency. Founded in 2006, Insured Title Agency (ITA) was established to service all counties in Florida. ITA has been built on the principles of providing excellent customer service to their clients and an enjoyable work atmosphere for their team members. They are one of just a few independent title companies that have maintained exactly the same structure for nearly 10 years.
Laura Vetter is an Account Executive at HWA Home Warranty of America. Her career prior to Home Warranty of America was in Radio Advertising Sales for 21 years. The company's vision statement is "Harnessing our expertise to make a difference in people's lives"!
Meredith Rodgers is the Director of Sales and Operations with Sapphire AV Experts. Established in 2001, Sapphire Audio Visual Experts provides commercial and residential audio visual solutions.
Sandra Murman was elected as a County Commissioner in 2010, representing District 1. She was re-elected without opposition in June 2012. In 2014, Commissioner Murman was elected by her fellow commissioners to serve as Chairman of the BOCC. She served as Vice Chairman in 2011, 2012, and again in 2013. Prior to joining the County Commission, Murman completed eight years as a member of the Florida House of Representatives from 1996-2004.
Jenna Digiannantonio is the Manager for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Hillsborough County. This program is part of the American Cancer Society's mission to eliminate Cancer as a major health problem through helping fund education, research and providing free comprehensive information and support to the community.
Rita Lowman is the Chief Operating Officer for C1Bank. Rita began leaving her footprint in the banking industry in the mid 70s. Working tirelessly to champion her colleagues in the banking industry, she is proud that many are now leaders in several banks throughout Florida.
Ros Miller is the Co-Founder and President of Jillian's Dream. Jillian's Dream was created in memory of Jillian Miller, who lost her valiant battle against Stave IV lung cancer at the young age of 29. Jillian believed in "paying it forward", therefore she participated in a clinical trial, if not to prolong her survival, but to eventually help someone who would receive the same diagnoses.
Ivan Anzulovich is an entrepreneur that has developed many brands including his first at the age of 14, Travesias de 4x4. Since then, he has developed several other brands across multiple industries and today is the Founder of MyFamily.House, a Real Estate service that helps people abroad find homes in the United States. Tune in to hear about his many brands and his pathway through entrepreneurship on the show!
Ulrik Pedersen is the Chief Operating Officer for TARGIT, the Courage Company. TARGIT enables organizations and people to achieve collaborative empowerment and competitive advantage by making data easily accessible. The TARGIT philosophy triggers your courage to act by delivering transparent information that is useful and reliable, getting you from information to action fast!
Barry Carroll is a Google Trusted Photographer photographing 360 degree virtual tours inside businesses and is the first to bring the technology to real estate in Tampa Bay. He is president of Exclaimit which operates and He's a resourceful, innovative marketing executive with a winning attitude, a proven track record, and the inherent ability to transform mere business opportunities into dreams that come true.
After a successful career on Wall Street that focused on sales and customer service, James DeVito changed his pace to take on something more creative - restaurants. Understanding business and knowing that the foundation of any business is the most important, he took a humbled attitude and worked his way up from the bottom.
Glenn has what is best described as "Superhero Syndrome". His affliction began as a child and has progressed with age. He later on became an award winning reporter with the number one station in Detroit and with NBC's flagship station in New York. With Mad Bear, he harnesses the power of story to help business, non-profits, and events engage with their target audience.
Michael Murphy framed his first corporate job in a frame suppliers parking lot, on two sawhorses. Twenty five years later, the passion has grown to become the finest archival framing business and fine art gallery in the Tampa Bay area.
Priding herself on being an ordinary woman with an extraordinary life, Traci Bild has made it her mission to help women break through self-imposed limitations masked in the handcuffs of guilt, fear, and uncertainty to experience a life of abundance and happiness. She has spent two decades speaking to over 250,000 women in some of the most well-known organizations across the nation as well as building a multi-million dollar healthcare consulting firm of her own that landed on Inc. Magazines Fastest Growing Companies list for 2013.
Terry Schuster has 28 years of international agency building experience "on the ground" in more than 30 countries worldwide. Today she serves as Vice President and Chief Agency Officer for Sagicor Life Insurance Company, part of Sagicor Financial Corporation, Inc. Terry was a former senior executive at AIG and MetLife Insurance companies.
Claude came to Florida in January 2010 after the Haiti earthquake with his children. He had been doing humanitarian activities in Haiti since 1980, and is a retired college teacher and telecommunications engineer from Haiti. After the earthquake, he turned his large home in the Port-au-Prince area into an orphanage, which currently houses 98 children.
Leslie Hobbs began her real estate career in 2004 when she moved to Florida. In September 2010, she met Claude Reginald Jean when he moved here after the Haiti earthquake. Together, Leslie and Claude formed a non-profit organization to help feed and support the children in Haiti and other humanitarian activities in January 2011.
Eileen A. O'Hara is the Co-Owner and President of Brimstone Originals Specialty Foods based in Largo, Florida. Beginning in 2002, she has developed recipes for assorted flavors of all-natural jellies, four of which are pepper jellies currently available in specialty food stores, online, and one of which is available at two Costco warehouses.
Julie Stevens is the Co-Owner and V. P. of Brimstone Originals Specialty Foods. Julie grew up in Salem, VA. and studied Business and Equine Management at Southern Seminary Women's College in Buena Vista, VA. She made the decision to quit her job in order to stay home with her boys and help her mom to create Brimstone Originals Specialty Foods.
Liza Garcia is the CEO of Enterprise Communication Services in Tampa and is her second venture as CEO in the IT professional services market. Liza founded one of the first successful telecommunication services firm in the U.S with offices in both Seattle and Portland. Liza uses her extensive Fortune 100/500 corporate experience to manage the business of providing "Zero Impact" to her clients during their technology upgrades.
Laura Webb began her career in the insurance industry in 2001 as a worker's comp claims adjuster with Liberty Mutual. During her tenure with Liberty Mutual, she worked closely with such high-profile clients as UPS, IBM, Kohl's and Ikon Office Solutions. Laura received her Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree from Florida State University.
Harry Cohen is a City of Tampa Councilman. He is Chair Pro Tem, District 4 and is a part of various Boards and Committees serving as the: Chair for City Council Finance Committee, Vice Chair for City Council Public Safety Committee, Alternate for City Council Transportation Committee, and many more!
Tim Schock is President of Lightning Capital Consulting and is a senior strategy and operations executive with a proven records of success building new businesses, delivering improved products, reducing costs, and increasing revenue and profit streams.
You're in for a sweet treat! Lisa and Jim Schalk, owners of Toffee to Go are sure to entertain you with hilarious banter about their toffee business. From a family recipe to family business, Toffee to Go continues to make each batch of their incredible toffee by hand. How awesome is their toffee? Toffee to Go has won Best Chocolate, Best Candy, Best Dessert, and Editor's Choice awards. There's more! Their business really boomed when Oprah Winfrey gave their toffee her gold seal of approval by choosing Toffee to Go as one of Oprah's Favorite Things!
Valerie Lipstein is a certified coach, entrepreneurial specialist, published author, and speaker. As the CEO of Inspired Living Now, LLC, she specializes in emerging family businesses run by spouse/partner couples supporting them to thrive in their business and relationship. You don't have to choose between a great business or a great can have both!
Carmi Brown has worked in the human services field for the past 16 years, with most of her work being in the area of child welfare. She is a Certified Child Welfare Trainer and holds a Masters degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from the University of South Florida.
As Vice President of Franchise Development, Sandee Devine is responsible for franchise compliance, marketing, and awarding new franchises. Sandee has more than 25 years of franchise experience in the franchising industry and has worked for several national franchise chains. She has an in-depth knowledge of franchise sales, legal compliance, contract law and negotiation as well as crisis management, retail leasing, litigation and trademark management.
Jay Rosenberg is the Owner and Founder of Designs by Jay Rosenberg, a quickly growing Tampa based company specializing in Interior Design, Remodeling and Staging. Jay, a Tampa native, began his career directly out of high school working for a custom home builder where he learned the business from the ground up. Jay takes a hands-on approach with clients, treating everyone as if they were family.
Rapport 24/7 is a Tampa based tech company specializing in Business-to-Business software development with a focus on video. Seeing a need to create video tools that were affordable to all businesses, Suzie and Co-Founder Steve Santorsola, created a software platform that facilitates Reputation Management from a "proactive" approach rather than a reactive one.
Rapport 24/7 is a Tampa based tech company specializing in Business-to-Business software development with a focus on video. Seeing a need to create video tools that were affordable to all businesses, Suzie and Co-Founder Steve Santorsola, created a software platform that facilitates Reputation Management from a "proactive" approach rather than a reactive one.
As a Managing Director at STYLEdge, Patty Soltis brings with her an extensive experience in fashion and retail with over 20 years at Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor and Marshall Fields. The second Managing Director of STYLEdge, Elaine Sweeney, is recognized as a fashion icon in the community and has honed her skills over several years.
John Harden is the principal investor and clinical director of BoardPrep Recovery Center in Tampa. BoardPrep is a behavioral health startup company specializing in safe and effective alternatives to high-cost addiction programs associated with hospitals and institutions. Mr. Harden leads and oversees behavioral health innovation, expansion, and development at BoardPrep.
Travel Industry Innovator, Carol Margolis, uses her best-selling book, "Business Travel Success...How to Reduce Stress, Be More Productive and Travel with Confidence" to elaborate on some safety tips that will safeguard business travelers in a variety of travel situations.
Lauren Davenport is the Founder and CEO for Symphoni Media, an award-winning full service marketing agency in St. Petersburg. Since 2009, she has helped both local and publicly traded companies expand their online presence through the power of online marketing. Lauren's passion for discovering what makes a company unique helps her build loveable brands that help companies grow.
Known as the "Queen of Branding", Cheryl Pullins has coached hundreds of women on how to create a brand that is "recognized, respected, and remembered." Cheryl is leveraging more than 20 years of Corporate Human Resources experience to coach and mentor multi-passionate women by helping them blend their passions, master their brands, and make more bank. Cheryl is a certified Professional Coach and a creator of Brandfluent, her signature system that teaches women how to use authenticity to create a brand.
As President of Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Clark Toole oversees the operations of Florida's largest residential real estate company. With more than 85 offices and 5100 sales associations, Coldwell Banker closed over 12.7 billion in Florida residential sales in 2014. Clark also acts as President of Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT in Florida, which offers five offices and more than 90 associates.
Dr. Johanna Turner serves corporate professionals, athletes, CrossFitters, children, babies, golfers, mothers, police officers, and everyone with a spine. Her philosophy is that everyone has the ability to live at 100% of their potential, and age in a way that is free of pain, medication, doctor's visits, and nursing homes. Dr. Johanna uses her specific training to retrain posture and in return patients experience less pain, fewer headaches, better digestion, more energy, and better sleep.
Casey Ellison helped create EWI Construction in 2007 to bring high quality construction services to his customers. Casey's responsibilities include cash flow management, contract execution, and day-to-day management of all business operations of EWI. He has a strong construction and development background combined with knowledge of the design processes.
Jeff Stanislow is a partner in National Travel Deals and a pioneer in the online marketing and advertising business. Jeff is originally from Michigan and built two Internet Marketing and Advertising Agencies, most recently Chief Internet Marketer. His experience lends well to the Online Travel Agency business and has brought tremendous value to National Travel Deals.
Matthew Easterly is the President and Owner of Maximum Security Services and has had a Low Voltage Electrical Contractor's License since 2011. Matthew also has an active Real Estate License since 2008. He has been a member of the Trusted Contractor's Alliance for 5 years and a member of GTAR Affiliates for 3 years. He is currently an active member of the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce.
Jody Feinroth, CEO and President of Dance Heads Florida South LLC, is the true definition of the entrepreneurial spirit. In 2006, Jody discovered the wonderful Dance Heads product that was featured at Universal Orlando. He was able to bring this to the event marketplace in Florida, Japan, and Puerto Rico. He is also a principal partner in DH Recording LLC, which featured coin operated Dance Heads booths that are distributed worldwide.
Anu Vohra is the owner of Desi by Nature, an Indian Restaurant in the heart of Tampa. She received her BS from Rutgers University in New Jersey before moving on to the corporate life in NYC. She spent the past 15 years working for large corporations, most recently Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking in midtown Manhattan. Anu wanted to spend more time with her children while also achieving professional goals, which is when she and her husband opened Desi by Nature.
Steve's Gourmet Olives is a Tampa based gourmet food business specializing in wine-marinated olives and ran by Susan and her husband. The olives are delicious Greek and Italian olives marinated in a red zinfandel wine from CA with fresh garlic, peppers, herbs, & spices added. Mild and spicy are available with fiery habanero peppers.
As the team leader at On Point Executive Center Inc., Karen's personal management style shines in every aspect of the company. From the performance of their professional staff to the impressive physical and technological elements of the business, Karen's ability to find perfection radiates brightly. Throughout her 10 year career serving the virtual services industry she has brought on over 1000 new clients, tripled the company revenue, and defined new service offerings to support small businesses.
Dr. Damon Reed is Board Certified in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology and is the Medical Director of the Sarcoma Department and Leader of the Adolescent and Young Adult Program at Moffitt Cancer Center. Dr. Reed also serves as an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of South Florida. Leader of the Pediatric Cancer Foundation's Sunshine Project and on staff as a specialty physician at All Children's Hospital in St. Pete. Dr. Reed's research interests include biomarkers and novel therapeutic agents to treat bone and soft tissue sarcomas.
In 2009, Nancy Crane was invited to join the Pediatric Cancer Foundation as their Executive Director. Great progress has been made in their quest to find a cure for childhood cancer through their concentrated approach on less toxic, more targeted therapies. They currently have 3 Phase 1 clinical trials open at 14 hospitals nationwide, the first Total Cancer Program (blood & tissue banking) for kids in Florida, and a new translation Research Lab at Moffitt Cancer Center.
Adria Jensen's practice focuses on general business and real estate including contract disputes, landlord/tenant law, and creditor's rights. Adria regularly represents banks and other financial institutions working with problem loans and special assets. In particular, Adria focuses on foreclosure and post-foreclosure lender representation. In her post-foreclosure practice, Adria assists lenders with all aspects of OREO/REO asset disposition including Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act (PTFA) compliance, Association Disputes, and post-foreclosure title defects and/or disputes.
Michael Sibberson has served almost 30 years in the field of education. During that time, he has served as a Physics Teacher, a Curriculum Director, an Assistant Principal, a Principal, and a Superintendent of Schools. His passion for education is evident in all that he has been a part of. He now lives in Florida and has began service as the Executive Director for the Early Career Academy.
The newly renovated Villa Bellini Restaurant & Lounge is proud to be located on a piece of property which has been in existence since 1929. The creative renovations that they have added, respectfully enhance the historical atmosphere of the building and create a warm and comfortable ambiance. Upon entering you will feel a "Taste of Italy in Clearwater"!
Leigh Harting started her career at Steak & Ale working in restaurant operations until she was promoted to regional training manager for the Southeast Region. She focused on development and implementation of training materials and programs for an area with over 2000 employees, 150 managers and annual sales exceeding $48MM. Leigh then moved out of the hospitality industry and into professional services with GE Capital Consulting. Then, at 3 Daughters Brewing, she returns to the hospitality industry bringing years of experience.
Dawna Stone is an author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, self-made millionaire, and health, fitness and wellness expert. Through her new book, "The Healthy You Diet: The 14-Day Plan for Weight Loss with 100 Delicious Recipes for Clean Eating" as well as frequent local and national television, radio, and speaking appearances, Dawna serves as a role model and inspiration to men and women everywhere.
David Hurvitz graduated from Stetson University College of Law in May of 2008. Mr. Hurvitz also received his Master of Business Administration from Stetson University School of Business Administration in May of 2008. He is admitted to the Federal Court for the Middle District of Florida and is a member of the Florida Bar, and is licensed to practice law in the state of Florida. He has experience in all aspects of Family Law matters.
Jhanavi Pathak grew up in St. Petersburg and went to MIT, where she studied Operations, Finance, and Marketing. Over the past decade, she has worked in finance and consulting. Today, she is a consultant, helping businesses raise capital, directing creative and strategic development, building team, and optimizing operations. Her passion is her non-profit, The War on Cancer Foundation and her newest ventures with Cause and Direct, a company dedicated to helping those in need, and the non-profits that support them.
Ron has built RSA on his expert knowledge of government and politics, strategic approach, and old fashioned hard work. Ron's success is founded in his dedication and personal commitment to his clients to deliver results while ensuring that he and his team represent themselves and each client with the utmost integrity, professional ethics and personal responsibility. RSA Consulting Group has the privilege to represent a wide range of clients, representing business, civic, not-for-profit, and community organizations.
Luis Rodriguez is the Program Manager for Women Building Futures, an exciting program to teach women about jobs in the construction trades sponsored by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners and funded by HUD. Luis was promoted to this position after serving as an employment coordinator-helping women find jobs - for The Centre for the past 7 years. Last year he helped more than 75 women find employment in the Tampa Bay area.
Dr. Buck Parker is a trauma surgeon and also specializes in expert medical opinions on the web, radio, & tv programs nationwide. You may have seen him recently on the new Bear Grylls & NBC survivor Reality Show "The Island". Dr. Buck functioned as a cast member as well as their primary medical expert on the show. Dr. Buck says if you were to speak with his patients that they would tell you they do not feel like he's another jaded and inconsiderate surgeon, but gives them the sense he is simply one human trying to help another in the best way possible.
Roger Murphy is a proven business leader who was part of a team that successfully built one of the print publishing world's largest magazine conglomerates through start-ups, strategic acquisitions and sales. Roger entered business brokering in the early 1990s only to find it lacking in structure and training programs. With years of deal making under his belt, Murphy taught himself how to broker business deals in other industries. His success caught the attention of other brokers who inquired about his business model.
Jen Prater is a Philadelphia native and Temple University Alumni with Business Administration degrees in Risk Management & Insurance as well as Legal Studies. She was relocated to Tampa right out of college by the Travelers to be an underwriter in 2003. Jen has become very active in the Historic Hyde Park Neighborhood Association and became a member of the board of directors in 2015. She was the Chair-person for the 2015 HHPNA Home tour, the largest annual fundraiser for the neighborhood.
Beth Kerly, MBA, is a full-time tenured business faculty member at Hillsborough Community College, and adjunct faculty at the University of Tampa. In addition to her teaching activities, Kerly serves as the co-founder of the HCC Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. She actively works in promoting and building community and business relationships for HCC and its students. She started e2Venture, a social entrepreneurship company that brings educators and entrepreneurs together to collaborate on high impact projects.
Craig Mayers is the Developmental Fund Raising Manager for The Alzheimer's Association. Their mission is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research, provide and enhance care and support for all affected, and reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Their vision? A world without Alzheimer's Disease.
Erica Drake is the Founder and CEO of Maverick Entrepreneurs, a revolutionary entrepreneurial educational and cloud-based funding platform. She's a veteran entrepreneur, business coach, and author of the highly acclaimed text book: The Maverick Battle Guide to Raising Capital. Erica is a pragmatic leader with over 20 years of executive-level and entrepreneurial experience.
Stuart Pinnock is the President of Life Enabling Technologies, a company formed to enable disabled individuals to gain more freedom and independence by improving wheelchairs and other products designed to assist their disability. The company has recently secured funding for two wheelchair accessories - a retractable tray table and a remote controlled backpack that moves from back to front at the push of a button.
Tony Michaelides has an irrefutable reputation achieved over 30 years working with a stellar cast of clients including David Bowie, U2, REM, Genesis, Dave Matthews, Bob Marley, Depeche Mode, Happy Mondays, Matchbox Twenty, The Police, The Pixies, New Order, The Stone Roses, Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry, Annie Lennox, Whitney Houston, Take That, Natalie Imbruglia, Westlife, P. Diddy, Elvis Costello, and Peter Gabriel. Tony's worked with BMG, Island Records, Transatlantic Records, Circa Records, Factory Records, Simon Fuller, and Simon Cowell.
Edwin "Ed" Narain is a dedicated member of the Tampa Bay community who has served in various civic leadership roles more than two decades. In November 2014, Ed was elected to the Florida House of Representatives as the State Representative for District 61. As a freshman legislator, Ed was elected Chairman of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus.
Sheryl Hunter is The Entrepreneur's Attorney. For 19 years, Sheryl has worked with hundreds of small businesses, from start-up to grown-up. Her firm, Hunter Business Law, is a boutique firm of 5 attorneys located in Tampa. Sheryl founded her firm in 2000 because of her passion for entrepreneurship. She loves to help people pursue their dreams and bring their ideas to the marketplace. Her personal experiences starting and growing businesses enables her to understand the challenges facing her clients and the broader impact of legal decisions and documents.
With more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Cindy Dervech, along with her experienced staff has guided countless Tampa Bay area event planners, brides, meeting planners, and corporate clients as they book premium talent and entertainers for their events and functions. As a licensed, bonded and insured company, Breezin' Entertainment has earned its reputation as one of the most respected and professional event coordinators in West Central Florida.
Ella Bing is a family owned business specializing in both cloth and wood bow ties as well as other male fashion and lifestyle accessories. The company was founded after the loss of a brother and son, Matthew Kraus. The Kraus family honors Matthew's spirit, infectious personality and love fashion with handmade custom bow ties, much like Matthew himself would have worn. The work is centered on quality, presentation, attention to detail and customer service.
CallPass Tech is a privately owned company and was founded in Clearwater in October of 2006. CallPass began business operations in 2007 providing GPS Tracking Solutions to the Sub Prime Auto Financing industry. These devices and application are designed for Risk Mitigation relating to a Sub Prime Auto Loan where a dealer or finance company can recover a vehicle or make payment arrangements when a loan reaches delinquent status.
Brian Miller joined Patrice & Associates in May 2014 as an equity partner and has expertise in all aspects of the Patrice & Associates model from staffing and recruiting to franchising. Brian's extensive experience in franchise operations, development, strategic planning and marketing makes him a professional tour de force in the franchising industry. Brian will support and enhance Patrice & Associates' ongoing mission to connect the country's most respected restaurant brands with the industry's top culinary and managerial talent.
Patrick Sheridan has spent over 17 years working in the mortgage industry, from very large banks to very small banks, medium sized credit unions, and large mortgage companies. His clients are very important to him and as his boss would say - he's passionate about his work.
As a wholesale jewelry manufacturer who has previously sold exclusively to fine jewelry stores across the country, Continental Wholesale Diamonds is now able to offer you the opportunity to purchase certified diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond stud & hoop earrings and gold and silver designer jewelry at wholesale prices, direct from the manufacturer.
Joseph Scanlan is the Chief Operating Officer at Morphogenesis Inc. He is responsible for all day-to-day operational, organizational, and financial activities at Morphogenesis Inc., a Tampa-based, world leading biotechnology and cell therapy research firm in business in Florida for 20 years. Researchers at Morphogenesis Inc have discovered and are marketing a cancer vaccine that has proved successful in animals, and will be in human clinical trials this year.
Dr. Lawman, the Co-Founder of Morphogenesis Inc., is the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards, including the 2012 Tampa Bay Business Journal Technology Business Woman of the Year. She has held adjunct faculty positions at UCF and USF. Dr. Lawman has present scientific data in the form of seminars and poster presentations at international scientific sumposia, biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, cancer institutes and private foundations.
Maura Sweeney has cultivated her "Living Happy-Inside Out" mantra into a growing lifestyle business. A natural coach and advocate also known as Maura4u, Maura is an author, podcaster, international speaker, and Huffington Post contributor. In addition to her public speaking, Maura has been featured in several media outlets including Midlife Boulevard,, Tampa Bay Times, Serbian TV, and Britain's BBC Radio.
Lorin Oberweger is a highly sought-after independent book editor and ghostwriter with almost 25 years experience in publishing. Her company, Free Expressions, offers intensive, deep craft workshops nationwide. She's also known for her one-on-one story development weekends for writers of all genres of fiction and creative nonfiction.
Michele Northrup aka the Saucy Queen has been burning down the competition within the fiery food industry. Her all-natural gourmet hot sauce company has won more than 50 national awards within 8 years. Michele was named Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year in Manufacturing & Business Leader's Woman Extraordinaire. Her all natural gourmet and hot sauce company has led her to combining the talents of her partners to create the Sauceology Group.
Gerald Fitzgerald has been practicing Family Practice Medicine in Largo/Belleair for almost 20 years and is triple board certified. Doc Fitz is passionate about preventing and treating colorectal cancer and is the US patent holder for a ground breaking invention that will greatly impact the diagnosis of colon cancer. He is the official local physician for Warner Bros. films including Dolphin Tale, Magic Mike, and Spring Breakers.

Chloe Roberts is an experienced litigation attorney, board member, and social activist. With over ten years experience, she represents victims of sexual harassment and discrimination. Her practice is protecting and advocating women's rights. She hates seeing injustice in the workplace in form of intimidation, harassment and discrimination and has a winning trial record.

Andrea D'Agostini is considered one of the new gurus in digital media and creativity; specializing in viral projects, network and format strategy, and has designed for many platforms. He has emerged as a unique figure in business and has advised for many companies and communication agencies. In 2014, American Power & Gas, one of the fastest growing energy companies in the States, proposed to Andrea the challenge of establishing a new brand identity and a new marketing culture.
Erika Ceruti is the Brand Manager for Gioffre Fashions and a former singer/songwriter.  Gioffre Fashions has locations in both Milan, Italy and Tampa, FL and feature upscale Italian inspired designs and can custom design a gown or outfit to your liking. 
Sareet Majumdar serves as President of ICTC USA of IC Intracom USA, Inc. Mr. Majumdar manages the Global Manufacturing Operations through ICTC. He began his career by Co-Founding IC INTRACOM Asia Co., Ltd. in 1988. Beginning in 1991, he helped to establish and subsequently served as President of IC INTRACOM USA.

As Vice President of Regional Sales for MiMutual Mortgage, Ryan Takieddine gets the unique opportunity to lead MiMutual's rapid growth in Florida. To date, they are the fastest growing mortgage lender in Central Florida. Ryan is passionate about motivating and leading fellow Loan Officers to provide the best experience possible and consistently improve customer service and results.

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Shola Yusuf is the Founder and creative force of Shola Designs. As a young girl, Shola loved to mix and play with patterns, textures and colors in her mother's luxury fabric shop. She developed the sense of style and love of fashion that she carries with her to this day. Shola also opened her own pharmacy in 2003 and now owns 4 in the Tampa Bay area.

Robyn Sayles delivers groundbreaking ideas that inspire action and generate results. A dynamic speaker with a passion for sales and technology, Robyn is known for her high enery presentations that get people moving and thinking. After 13 years in corporate training and sales, Robyn started Catapult Creative Consulting because she believes that with a great idea and a little bit of effort, anyone can achieve amazing things!

Derek Holmes has 20+ years of experience in the information technology services industry with a solid background in business development and operations management. For the past decade, Derek has successfully owned and operated a viable nationwide information technology professional services and consulting firm headquartered in Tampa that provides enterprise software professional resources and solutions to Fortune 500 companies and earned recognition as a Top 500 MBE in the U.S.

Sean Kennedy is the manager of the St. Petersburg Greenhouse, a collaborative effort between the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of St. Petersburg to foster entrepreneurship and economic development. He is also the economic development coordinator at the St. Pete Chamber, responsible for leading business retention and attraction efforts.
Tony Teegarden is the Founder and Creator of the High Ticket Blogging Formula & the Turn Your Problems Into Profits Podcast. Tony helps Expert and Professional Niche Bloggers to turn their expertise into high-end premium virtual coaching programs.

Sculptor Mark Aeling developed a love for the human form while earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at Colorado State University in 1989. Mark opened MGA Sculpture Studio after completing graduate school in 1993, establishing a devoted client base and quickly gaining an exceptional reputation with the design, fabrication and architectural industries for outstanding and dependable work. In 2005, Mark relocated to St. Petersburg, FL, where he continued to work with clients from the Saint Louis area and across the country.

Joe Part is Founder of Alltrust Insurance and the current managing partner. After working for both financial services firms and for a large regional insurance broker, Alltrust Insurance was birthed in Tarpon Springs in 1994 by Joe. Alltrust has always had a singular focus on employee benefits and now serves over 400 employer groups, both large and small.
Carrie Scheiner's enthusiasm for what she has created with Exploracise comes through in her every word, expression, and motion. As Founder/CEO of her company and creator of the Fun Wise Exercise methodology, Carrie's career path has carved a destiny to her current passion of creating fun and interactive educational experiences to challenge children's minds and muscles.
Rosanne Clementi has been a successful environmental consultant for over 30 years, owning and managing two successful consulting firms. She is committed to bringing to markets devices or improvements for existing products that make activities accessible to people whose access has been limited. The Pad Go Round is the first product from Ruddy Turnstone Product Development.
Jonni leads the Ad Partners Agency's new business initiative. As a former agency owner and creative director, she understands first hand how a business owner thinks and the challenges they face. She is best known for putting Culpepper Kurland on the map and revolutionizing the local landscape of attorney advertising.
A marketing communications specialist with 20 years of experience ranging from strategy to design to execution, Liane Caruso launched Limelight Marketing Consultants in 2009. This well-respected Tampa-based firm was singularly committed to the establishment of meaningful campaigns that connect clients with their customers and prospects by powering brand awareness.
Eternal Cremations is a family owned and operated establishment. They are a direct Florida Cremation company with the sole purpose of making the passing of a loved one as uncomplicated as possible. Their family takes pride in helping you or your loved ones with any immediate cremation needs or with pre need cremation planning.
Matthew Feshbach is CEO and Co-Founder of Okyanos, which brings a new standard of care and a better quality of life to patients with severe chronic diseases. Okyanos was founded to provide adult stem cell therapy for people with coronary artery disease and severe heart disease and congestive heart failure who had exhausted all available options from the currently available standards of care.
Stanley Goodman joined Besito Mexican LLC "Consul Partners" in April 2014. He brings to his position a broad background of over 30 years experience in the hospitality and restaurant industry in North America and South Africa.
John Rodriguez Sr specializes in mediating debt and assists banks, finance companies, credit repair agencies, Realtors and Mortgage Brokers with their candidates that do not get approved for financing due to unresolved debt. John's company assists individuals by resolving 3rd party collections, judgements, federal & state tax relief, wage garnishments and other debt related issues through the process of mediation.
Prior to opening her CMIT Solutions office in Brandon, Ann Spire held key roles at several large corporations, where she accumulated more than 26 years of experience in the fields of accounting, business development and information technology. These roles have helped prepare Spire for her new role as a strategic technology advisor and partner for the small and mid-sized business community.
After stumbling across the City Wide business model online, Steve Howerton began talking about opening his own business. More than a year later Howerton and his partner, John Duffy, pulled together most of their life savings and did it. After a combined 30 years at Cintas Corporation the partners struck out on their own to open the 25th City Wide location. The company has grown to near 2.5 million in annual revenue with a loyal customer base servicing more than 150 customers in the Tampa, St. Pete, and Sarasota area.
John Hobbs is an entrepreneur, published author, marathon runner, inventor of an extremely beneficial multi-functional hydration system for runners & walkers, and he is also the Founder of Athletes Performance Gear, Inc.
Mother hen to many, organizer of chaos, lover of community building and operational hustler of all things entrepreneurial. As the Director of Operations at Tampa Bay Wave, Deborah Neff guides entrepreneurs every day. They help small businesses make strategic partnerships and hand them the tools to build empires. She also is an organizer for the Startup Weekend, Startup Week, as well as a participant with Up Global to promote the tech community in Tampa Bay.
Jamie Harden is President and CEO of Creative Sign Designs and Creative Mailbox & Sign Designs (together "Creative"). The combined companies employ more than 140 people throughout the state of Florida with the majority based at its Tampa headquarters. Creative Sign Designs is one of the fastest growing architectural sign companies in the U.S. Creative Mailbox & Sign Designs is the largest turnkey residential streetscape company in the Southeastern United States.
Ron Klein's innovative ideas, either in an invention or simple solution to a problem, have been revolutionary and have resulted in monumental changes. He is the inventor of the Magnetic Strip Credit Card-Validity Checking System. He is also the developer of the MLS for Real Estate. He was also the Founder and CEO of his companies, Technitrend Inc., and General Associates Inc.
Happy Memorial Day! Expert Contributor Jim McPeak will be hosting the show this Memorial Day Monday. Tune in to hear what he has to say in this special recording! Jim McPeak owns the family owned business, McPeak Real Estate Firm, whose agents have over 60+ years of experience.
Carissa Giblin is the Co-Founder of Voyager Leadership Training, which works with organizations to grow confident, competent leaders through simple, proven techniques. With over 20 years of experience in technical and production workplaces as well as roles of manager, consultant, and individual contributor; she has a unique outlook on the impact of leadership during times of change.
Clint Babcock, Partner with Sandler Training, has worked with CEOs and Presidents of various companies to help them strategically build there businesses and their sales forces. He's worked with hundreds of sales teams and thousands of sales people. His interactive style keeps the short attention span of the top producers of every company engaged and learning. Clint advises his clients in four areas of the sales side of their business: Strategy, Structure, Staff, and Skills.
Aakash Patel is here to help business owners learn, connect, and grow in the community. Patel has a diverse work background in journalism, business development and public relations. In 2012, Patel started his firm, Elevate-Inc., a Florida-based strategic business consulting firm providing a public relations, community relations, target networking and social media.
Lisa Emmons, President of Posh Image Consulting, helps empower clients to excel in their personal and professional life by guiding them to rise above being just ordinary by making a few small changes in their appearance. Posh services help with job opportunities, promotions, presentations, gain more clients, dating, improve social status, gain self-confidence, feel empowered, and feel magnificent! Lisa is a certified Image Consultant, Color Consultant, Wardrobe Stylist and Elite Personal Shopper!
Carole Sanek is the CEO of Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC and the creator of the podcast, The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show. She has worn many hats in her career choices over the years and moved with the intent to work in real estate but that quickly changed when she learned to blog. Carole is a freelance writer and content creator and has written two award winning blogs. Carole is currently working on a new project that she plans to launch before the end of the year in digital tv.
Michelle began her career in the museum field and distinguished herself by receiving the Business Woman of the Year award by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. After 13 years of museum management with a focus on curating exhibitions, fundraising, administrations, and working for various organizations, she moved into the health and human services industry. After serving as an effective change agent for various nonprofit organizations, she formed Catalyst Consulting Services.
Karen McAllister is a Media Relations Manager for AT&T in the Tampa Bay Area and Southwest Florida. McAllister is available for media interviews on mobile technology and products and any media questions related to AT&T. She previously worked as a journalist for 20+ years and has extensive experience leading change in newsrooms and managing news websites.
Debra Palmer has been a business services entrepreneur in the Tampa Bay Area since 1988. In 2013, she was introduced to the concept of third party inventories and spent extensive time researching the industry. Through exhaustive research and direct communications with individuals who had experienced losses and endured the claims process of their insurance companies without up to date documentation to substantiate equitable settlements, Debra realized the need for inventory professionals in the Tampa Bay Area.
Family owned and operated, West Florida Locks specializes in residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services. They proudly serve all of the Tampa Bay Area, including Hillsborough, Sarasota, Pinellas, and Pasco counties. Their knowledgeable, local locksmiths are prepared for any kind of lockout or rekey situation. Their goal is to keep their valued customers, develop new business, and deliver honest, dependable, quality service at reasonable prices.
Rahul N. Mehra, M.D. is the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of MehraVista Health, LLC. MehraVista Health is a national, Florida based healthcare organization specializing in employee wellness focusing specifically on the improvement of employee emotional health. Clients include large publically traded companies to small privately held not for profits. Dr. Mehra is the first resident to be selected to the Alumni Board and a former Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at USF.
Shelby was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer just a few months after her 40th birthday. It was a 5 year battle that included chemotherapy, radiation therapy, 18 surgeries, and she learned a lot along the way. Her professional background is very diverse from serving in the Air Force, to analyzing nuclear submarines, to human resource management and recruitment. In 2007, she began to volunteer her time to University Community Hospital (Florida Hospital Tampa) to help promote the new Breast Care Center being built.
Michelle Acosta is the owner of Market Digitally, a local web design and digital marketing consulting firm that arose from her previous successful career in corporate and non-profit public relations marketing. Michelle focuses on creating the best in class custom marketing concepts for small to mid-size business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs.
As creator of the Trademarked MIKE cartoon sports character, Jim Sweeney has crafted his digital innovation to become the first universal animated brand in sports. Sweeney envisions MIKE as a witty, alter-ego personality to eventually be seen and heard on network television and Jumbotrons as both an entertaining sports personality as well as a brand spokesperson like a GEICO gecko or Aflac duck. Jim has also published 36 MIKE Sports Comic Books and just launched his MIKE on Sports! Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.
Shari Mezrah, "The Sleep Mom", is a family sleep and schedule specialist and mother of two who developed the innovative "The Baby Sleeps Tonight" program in 1999 and published her first book, The Baby Sleeps Tonight: Your Infant Sleeping Through the Night by 9 weeks (Yes Really!) in April 2010. Through her Tampa based consulting practice BabyTIME, Shari has helped hundreds of families worldwide turn chaos into calm and regain control over their lives by getting babies and toddlers on schedules and sleeping through the night.
Jared Ganem is the creative force behind one of the fastest and ambitious live event production companies in the world. Within a year's time, Jared took his unique style and approach from concept to the international stage at an award winning level. What sets him apart from other business owners? Tune in to That Business Show with Jamie Meloni to find out!
Gwynn Davey has more than 21 years of banking experience. She is a graduate of Siena College with a B.S. Degree in Finance and holds an M.B.A. in Finance from Rochester Institute of Technology. Ms. Davey is currently on the Board of Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, past President and active member of Rotary Club of Tampa Bay and was past Treasurer for Kids Charity Tampa Bay. She is an alumnus of Leadership Westshore and Leadership Tampa Bay.
Rolfe G. Arnhym wrote and published "Start Everthing Finish Nothing: The Curse of Modern Management", which recounts how he successfully transferred more than 10,000 officers, men, cadets, midshipmen, and support personnel when he conceived and executed the first relocation of the Army-Navy football game across the nation from Philadelphia to the Rose Bown in Pasadena, CA.
During his 45 pound weight loss journey, Mike became fascinated with nutrition. By scouring the internet for diets and nutrition tips, he came across many modalities to try but none of that worked as fast and as well as the Paleo Diet. While she always loved to move, Michelle's fascination was completely redirected from exercise and voluminous training to the beautiful mechanism of movement. She came to love the practice of movement rather than the trivial daily grind of exercise.
Shannon Rose started his career in pro wrestling at the age of 12 and over 22 years later he has worked for everyone from ECW to the NWA. Gordon Solie and Dusty Rhodes gave Shannon his start as a ring announcer and he has worked with such wrestling stars such as Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam, and Mick Foley. He has taken his career to new heights through acting, producing radio and TV and owning his own PR Company.
Christine Mendonca is the Founder of SHore to Shore Advisory, an impact investment advisory firm, working exclusively with clients for who want to put financial return seeking capital to work in this positively changing the world. At 21, she managed the due diligence process for Gerdau Ameristeel's 2004 NYSE Equity and Bond Offering. By 26, she led or co-led the integration of $187 MM in acquisitions and supported in the integration of another $4.5 BN of assets.
Karen Mertes is a Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) from our United States Air Force. Karen turned a life altering tragedy into a life purpose with her organization, Fulfill Your Destiny. A car accident was the genesis that led her to start the non-profit organization that financially helps people whose careers have been altered by injury or other unforeseen circumstances. Karen volunteers all her time for Fulfill Your Destiny and does not take a salary.
Adam Scheiner is world-renowned laser eyelid and cosmetic surgeon specializing in the treatment of Festoons, a pervasive condition that is often misdiagnosed. He's based in Tampa, but patients fly from around the world for procedures like his proprietary RESET procedure for Festoons. His approach to facial rejuvenation, known as Perfect Proportions, is broadly recognized  for its powerful yet natural results. He has been a featured health expert on The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors, and The New York Post, Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC.
Dominique Martinez is the Founder and CEO of Rustic Steel Creations, a custom metal fabrication shop located in Tampa. RSC is best known for fabricating exquisite pieces of art from steel and iron that meet and exceed clients' needs. Dominique's company is unique because he allows his team of artists to create inimitable creations that are only limited by the artist's imaginations, thus creating the creative edge that clients seek.
Sarah K. Asaftei is a branding strategist who creates story-driven campaigns for foundations & double or triple-bottom-line companies who are making a massive social impact, & want to let people know! She directs Hollywood quality video campaigns and coaches her clients through the process of articulating their brand's personality and voice, while developing a comprehensive strategy to reach their target audience without sacrificing their driving values.
Kevin Votta founded Better Body Fitness in 2007 to make a lasting difference in the lives of his clients. Utilizing Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), Kevin was able to work with a wide array of clients' from post-rehab/post-chemo to professional athletes. In 2012, Kevin and his partner Kristin, became the owners of Fitness-Tek.
Ryan O'Leary is a Certified Financial Planner who specializes in working with business owners in the Tampa Bay community on creating their own financial plan with the goal of maximizing the use of cash flow and diversifying the risks that are unique to business owners. He is currently the Director of Private Client Services for Sequoia Financial Group here in the Tampa Bay area and has been a regular contributor to Bay News 9 Consumer Wise pieces.
Dr. Agnes Green is a board certified physician trained in family medicine and anesthesiology. She has received extensive additional specialized training in Medical Weight Management, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Anti-aging Medicine. She recently launched her own skin care line called Green MD skincare. Dr. Green received her Medical Degree from the University of Alabama Birmingham and completed her residency at the University of Alabama Medical Center.
Stacey Banks-Houston is Director of The Women's Business Centre at the Helen Gordon Davis Centre for Women for the Tampa Bay area. The Women's Business Centre is the only center on the West Coast of Florida serving six counties: Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Manatee, and Hernando. Stacey has an extensive entrepreneurial background and is also an author, speaker, trainer, and business coach. "Push Your Passion" is what she articulates to her clients.
Susan Mell is currently a Regional Developer and multi-unit franchisee owner with The Entrepreneur's Source, a business and franchise coaching company. Her background includes 30 years of business ownership experience. Susan has her Masters in Social Work Administration and is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams of self-employment. She coaches, educates, and assists clients in their exploration of their options and possibilities in self-employment and franchises.
Eric Higgs is the CEO of LumaStream, a company dedicated to providing low voltage, intelligent LED lighting systems. Eric developed LumaStream after designing and building a light sculpture that filled a city block in Tampa but required 20,000 watts/day to power it. Eric knew there had to be a more efficient way to operate this display and through his research found a solution that took the project down to only 890 watts/day. In 2009, Eric launched LumaStream as a solution for others who cared about clean power and quality lighting.
Anna Vanlandingham is the Owner of Pinterest Pro Solutions. When considering her options after retiring from an international award-winning career as an economics instructor, Anna wondered, "What do I do now?" Lifelong friends introduced her to Pinterest, a new social media that required an invitation to join. Anna explored Pinterest and thanks to her economics background, envisioned Pinterest Pro Solutions as an excellent marketing tool for businesses.
Amy Jacobs is a Trauma ICU nurse who has worked at some of the leading hospitals in the U.S. such as Stanford and Yale-New Haven. Amy is also the daughter of an Alzheimer's patient. Amy and her mother, Ingrid, started The Fidget Shoppe, a business selling texture activity blankets for loved ones with Alzheimer's disease, cognitive impairments, and sensory disorders. The Fidgit Shoppe's purpose is to provide comfort for those with Alzheimer's disease and to give encouragement to their caregivers.
Lauren believes that reaching retirement is a major milestone in one's life - its not an endpoint but a major financial transition. She believes that we need to shift away from an accumulation mindset to focus on establishing a sustainable and meaningful lifestyle based on savings that will endure a long, 25+ year retirement. Lauren offers holistic financial planning and believes in personal and financial wellness. She focuses on providing people a peace of mind and overall financial wellness.
Meredyth Censullo is a social-media savvy, EMMY Award winning career journalist turned social media entrepreneur and owner of SMEEP, LLC. SMEEP stands for Social Media for Events, Engagement and Publicity. Meredyth has 15 years of broadcasting television experience, including 8 years in the Tampa Bay Market working for CBS and ABC. You can currently watch her freelance TV reports on The Nancy Grace Show on HLN, and on NBC affiliate, WFLA.
Wendy Kelly devotes her life to helping people and pets alike through her work as an animal behaviorist. She's the owner of Pet Peeves Animal Training Inc., a successful, positive, pet training and behavior modification company she created in Pinellas Park, FL. She is the Founder and President of The Pawsitive Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to rescue and train dogs for early cancer detection.
As the author of 9 books, Debbie Lundberg is the Principal of Presenting Powerfully, where the areas of expertise include Inspirational Speaking Engagements, Corporate & Team Learning Events, Personality & Interest Assessments, and One-on-One Life, Business & Presentation Coaching Sessions. Debbie is a certified life coach and an Honorary Commander for MacDill Air Force Base. She also serves as the Chair for the Centre Club Board of Governors.
Alexis Muellner is in his 17th year with American City Business Journals. He was named editor of the Tampa Bay Business Journal in August 2004 after working in Miami for 14 years. His roots are in public radio where credits include National Public Radio's "All Things Considered", "Weekend Edition", "Crossroads", and "Living on Earth". Muellner appears every Friday morning on ABC Action News in Tampa and is a regular commentator for Bay News 9 since 2000.
Frank Motola is the Founder of Brandtastic, a marketing company that works across the U.S. Brandtastic is a small but powerful agency with over 30 years of experience. Frank demystifies what it really takes to get better results on the web. He is one of the few "real" experts on SEO and has an extensive track record of delivering top results for all of Brandtastic's clients. As more and more companies feel the need to rank well on Google, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is quickly becoming the new currency on marketing success.
Dr. Nancy Wall, Tampa Bay's ONLY Certified Life Coach and Matchmaker, is President and Founder of Tampa Bay MatchMakers. She's passionate about helping singles connect. Through her successfully targeted relationship advice and introductions, numerous life-long partnerships and marriages have resulted. Dr. Wall has dedicated herself personally and professionally to help others discover and create what they want most from their lives and relationships. As a world renowned speaker and facilitator, she's inspired thousands of singles and couples.
William Schimensky, Founder of Socialfinity Marketing Group, created the company to give clients a better understanding on how to connect with clients through social media. In the past 4 years, William has been fortunate to work with several artists such as Billboard Producer of the Decade, Rudy Perez, multi Grammy Award winner singer-songwriter and producer Mark Hudson and Award Winning Sound Engineer David Frangioni of Inspire and Develop Artists (IDA). He has also worked with and currently sits on the Board of Directors for Latin Songwriter's Hall of Fame.
Laura Schaffer is the VP and Banking Center Manager at C1 Bank. Laura has lived in Tampa since 1979 and is a 1988 graduate of the University of Tampa. Laura is a veteran banker serving the South Tampa Market with expertise in Retail Banking and Treasury Services.
Alex Sink served as Florida's elected Chief Financial Officer from 2007-2011 where she was responsible for the state's accounting, treasury, and cash management functions along with insurance agent licensing, risk management, and consumer services and advocacy. She currently serves on the board of C1 Bank and Verger Capital Management and actively working with the Florida Next Foundation focusing on new business start ups and entrepreneurism.
Nikki Ross-Inda is the Founder and Coordinator of the Moffitt Healthy KIDZ, a signature program offered at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. Through the Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Programs, Nikki and student volunteers with an interest in science & health related careers provide education and fun activities for children of all ages and backgrounds with the goal of reducing health disparities and childhood obesity. She believes Moffitt may be the Cancer Center that may find the ground-breaking cure for this terrible disease.
Lisa Marie Jenkins is a Huffington Post Blogger and has delivered keynotes and workshops to professional women at Google, Xerox, and many other women's organizations. Prior to launching her own consulting company, she spent over 20 years in senior sales and marketing roles at Fortune 500 hi-tech companies, and was recognized as one of the 200 most influential women in her industry.
Jonah Story has worn many hats in his professional career - business developer, speaker, copywriter, creative director, strategist, idea-guy, manager, researcher, goal evangelist & trash cleaner thus giving him the unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges. Jonah has a knack for understanding people and how they think. He doesn't see barriers, he sees opportunities attached to challenges.
Jodi Hoover is the Foundation Director for TriMed Foundation. TriMed's mission is to provide a far-reaching, comprehensive patient support system enabling their patients to better understand their conditions and access treatments. TriMed strives to achieve "No Interruption in Therapy" through full patient assistance enabling ALL eligible patients access to pharmaceutical treatments and is committed to the education and empowerment of their patients.
Sarah Doering is the CEO and Founder of Simplicity Organizing Solutions. Her goal is to help people live stress-free, efficient lifestyles. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship and Finance and formalized plans to launch a business doing what she loves, organizing and helping others. She is certified with the National Association of Professional Organizers and is licensed in the state of FL.
Kimberly joins Jamie in studio again for an exciting topic - the release of her book!

Kimberly's unique history and roots in education have led her to a deep appreciation for the firm partnership necessary between school and home. Her passion lies in advocacy for education and bringing awareness to the options parents have when striving to help their own child reach limitless potential.
A small town girl who grew up riding horses, hunting, fishing & showing steers, Heather Cannon has always been a boots and jeans kinda gal! She's known for sporting a little country girl glitz style and spicing up her business attire with a pair of boots. After getting tremendous feedback (with loves of coveting included), Heather soon realized that every woman had a secret desire to be a country girl, even if its just for one night. However, they didn't know where to buy the country and how to add the glitz! Heather does...and that's when her Country Glitz Stylist business was born.
Navigen Leadership's mission is to prepare organizations and their associates for the tsunami of demographic and cultural changes in the workforce. To help her clients attract, retain, and get the best from the workforce of the future, Michele Norris concentrates on generational education, corporate culture, and strategic leadership. Michele has more than 30 years of professional sales and leadership experience for such companies as Xerox, ADP, and Boise Cascade Office Products/OfficeMax.
Bevan Gray-Rogel is the President and Founder of Encore Tampa Bay. Encore Tampa Bay's mission is to provide pathways, programs, and resources that help Baby Boomers discover and connect to their Encore Careers. She is building an interest with Tampa Bay businesses, educational institutions and community organizations to support baby boomers as they launch their "Encore" careers as volunteers, part time employees, and/or entrepreneurs.
Brian was born and raised in Clearwater and absolutely loves everything about the Tampa Bay area. After watching trends on social media, he took note that many people would ask their friends for recommendations for multiple entities and thus RhIKNOW was born. RhIKNOW is a social network where you can gather recommendations for whatever you need based on only the people you follow and friends of friends. Brian is also the owner of PopKorn Apps, which is the parent company of RhIKNOW.
Monica is a natural born planner and honed her organizational skills working as a paralegal on complex cases for some of Florida's largest and most prominent law firms. Monica has developed a reputation for planning and executing premiere events, providing excellent client service and responsiveness, and delivering the most value for the money spent - no matter what the budget. She has received rave reviews from local media for her role in planning events for the Gasparilla International Film Festival, her service as chair for the Taste of South Tampa, and her successful planning of many charity events.
As a business professional and Pure Barre instructor, Lauren McComb always balances a healthy lifestyle while taking the time to help others. Lauren is a highly motivated individual with a strong entrepreneurial background. Lauren has always taken great pride in going the extra mile to help her clients and make sure they have a lasting impression. Lauren maintains a commitment to a healthy lifestyle which was inspired by her mother, Elle McComb. Lauren and her mother own 4 Pure Barre locations across the Tampa region!
Alex Sullivan is the owner of Carmel Kitchen & Wine Bar and is the former owner of Palmcrest Homes of Tampa Bay. Alex is a member of the following groups - Old Memorial Golf Club, Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club, Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla, Board Member of Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Chairman of Fashion Funds the Cure, and a Development Committee Member of Academy Prep.
Jared joined the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates (LSCU) in 2011 as the Florida Director of Legislative Affairs. In that role, Jared was the lead lobbyist on all matters before the Florida legislature and the Florida's Congressional Delegation. In July 2012, Jared was promoted to Vice President of Governmental Affairs, overseeing all the League's advocacy efforts in Alabama & Florida. In August 2013, he was once again promoted to Sr. Vice President of Association Services.
Nancy's career path began in 1976 as a Specific Learning Disabilities teacher in Tampa. In 1981, she began teaching for the C.E. Mendez Foundation as a drug prevention specialist. In 2009, Nancy was invited to join the Pediatric Cancer Foundation as their Executive Director. Great progress has been made in their quest to find a cure for childhood cancer, while concentrating on less toxic, more targeted therapies. They currently have 3 Phase 1 clinical trials open at 14 hospitals nationwide, the first Total Cancer Care Program (blood & tissue banking) for kids in Florida, and a new Translation Research Lab at Moffitt Cancer Center.
As the team leader at On Point Executive Center Inc, Karen's personal management style shines in every aspect of the company. From the performance of their professional staff to the impressive physical and technological elemts of the business, Karen's ability to find perfection radiates brightly. Throughout her 10 year career serving the virtual services industry she has brought on over 1000 new clients, tripled the company revenue, and defined new service offerings to support small business.
Connector. Mentor. Catalyst. Designer. Rainmaker. Brand Strategist. The Sales Closer. She is a serial entrepreneur having been a Disc Jockey, Private Investigator, and Handbag Designer. Her reputation as a well respected, trusted, and highly valued advisor to countless businesses is no accident. Juliann combines an open and welcoming personality, contagious sense of humor and astute head for business that has propelled her to be consistently approached as an expert in personal and business branding and being the CEO of you.
Dr. Amir Daoud graduated from Kings College in London, England and then attended dental school at NYU before starting his practice in Clearwater, FL. Dr. Daoud is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Academy of Laser Dentistry, Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and many more.
Publisher & Managing Editor, Diane Egner, is an award-winning journalist with more than 3 decades of experience writing about the Tampa Bay region. She's a member of Leadership Florida and the Athena Society, and serves on the boards of Awesome Tampa Bay and the Arts Council of Hillsborough County. She has received  special recognition by the Tampa Bay Association of Black Journalists for creative work as Content Director at WUSF Public Broadcasting. 
As the President and CEO of South Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Kelly works with business owners and community leaders each day to enhance the South Tampa area for both our local businesses and the people who live here. In 2014, Kelly was named as a finalist for the Tampa Bay Business Journal's Business Woman of the Year. Established in 1926, the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce is an association of over 500 businesses and organizations. The chamber has strived to make the South Tampa community a better place in which to live, work, and play.
John Papandrea is the CEO and President of Willowglade Technologies, a company dedicated to using technology to empower cancer patients as they progress through their cancer journey. He has over 23 years health science industry and related technology experience and has vast experience providing strategic direction and advice to a vast array of clients in all regions of the world. Having dedicated his career to healthcare technology, John has a passion for improving healthcare, and in particular improving technology that can be used to better enable patients to manage their illnesses.
Christina Thimesch is the owner of Pinot's Palette Downtown St. Petersburg. Pinot's Palette is Downstown St. Pete's premiere sip and paint studio where our local artists guide you step by step through an evening of music, wine, and painting where you take home a masterpiece of your own creation at evenings end. Pinot's Palette is a social venue, perfect for Girls Night Out, Date Night, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby/Bridal Showers, or even team building events!
Theresa believes "Honesty & Integrity is the Cornerstone of Business". Utilizing more than 15 years of public accounting experience, Theresa is a small business owner servicing small businesses and individuals. Theresa started Tax Happens to meet 4 distinct needs: 1.) Upfront pricing whenever possible, 2.) Clear deadlines for the completion of all work, 3.) Being personally available to all clients year round, 4.) Empowering clients to do as much or as little as they desire. Theresa is passionate about the success of her clients and is an integral part of their business.
Julie McAdoo is a local entrepreneur and a veteran of the United States Air Force where she served for seven and a half years as an aircraft navigation officer on C-130s. During her time in service she served two tours in support of Operations IRAQI FREEDOM and ENDURING FREEDOM. She left military service in 2006 to have a family and pursue an MBA, which she earned in 2012. She and her husband, a retired Air Force veteran, own two cleaning businesses in Tampa, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, a franchise, and Refresh Your Nest Cleaning Services, her start-up.
JP started with Wallace Welch & Willingham in 2007 in a role that focused on performing market searches to find the most competitive products to meet the needs of employers. He has experience serving employers of all sizes and has become an expert on products and markets preferred by individuals, small businesses, and mid-sized employer groups. JP leads the plan design and consultation process to secure the most appropriate coverage for clients, advises clients on the implications of healthcare reform, and acts as the senior contact for health coverage within the firm's Select Business Unit.
Billie focuses on helping clients determine the insurance protection necessary to protect their standard of living. She specializes in designing personal insurance plans for high net worth individuals. Billie began her career with Wallace, Welch and Willingham in 1989 and has since assumed a variety of roles, ever increasing her knowledge of personal insurance.
Ken Jones is a Business Development Coordinator with Wallace, Welch and Willingham and graduated with a degree in Communications from North Texas State University. He's worked in sales his entire professional career and entered the commercial insurance field in 2008. He's tasked with generating premiums for the agency in the all areas of insurance, including commercial lines, personal lines, group benefits, life and marine.
Todd is an Area Director at Jersey Mike's Subs, known for its authentic fresh sliced/fresh grilled subs. He started his career in 1981 as a staff member for Domino's Pizza Inc., rising to the position of Regional Director for the State of Florida and then moving on to become a 20 store franchisee. In April of 2009 he became the Area Director for Jersey Mike's Subs for the state of Florida. In the 6 years he's been with Jersey Mike's, he and his business partner Brian Kenny have opened 70 locations with 20 more due in 2015 and about the same expected for 2016.
Andrew Meyer is the owner of Continental Wholesale Diamonds, one of the leading jewelry stores in Tampa, Florida, selling perfect Engagement and Bridal wholesale diamond jewelry!
Ali is an accomplished entrepreneur, engineering professional, teacher, and mentor and community leader. He and his wife, Sehera, are the Tampa Bay Area Directors for the franchise Planet Smoothie, which is comprised of four stores in the area presently and two more opening soon. He's also a committed philanthropist and community leader and member of Muslim Dawoodi Bohra community. Ali and Sehera were most recently featured in the April 2014 edition of Tampa Bay Journal.
Dr. Raj Ambay is a highly skilled, double board certified plastic surgeon serving Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Carrollwood, Zephyrhills, Dade City, Land O' Lakes and North Tampa. He specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. Dr. Ambay completed his education and extensive training at world renowned institutions including Harvard University, the Mayo Clinic, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, the National Institutes of Health, Northwestern University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
Colleen Wormsley is a PR & Talent Relations Manager at, the largest organization for young people and social change. Colleen oversees PR, media relations, and talent relations to help create buzz and spread the word about's national cause campaigns.
Jason Ashton is the President of CallPass. CallPass Tech LLC is an industry leader and provider of GPS Tracking Devices providing LBS services to a variety of industries including Sub-Prime Auto Finance, Franchise Car Dealerships and International Distribution Channels. CallPass Tech has developed and successfully branded iGotcha GPS providing superior devices, applications and services for the marketplace.
Roshni is a 36 year old former television news executive and most recently was the Executive Producer of the Emmy award winning and number one rated morning news show in Tampa Bay, Fox 13. She left television because she felt a change in philosophy and priorities when it came to media. It was time for her to pursue other passions such as community service, writing and video storytelling. She is currently VP of Communications for the Indo-US Chamber and a story-architect for Mad Bear Productions.
Yvonne is a sought after expert in the telecommunications industry as President of Lines of Communication which services medium and large corporations as well as many non-profit and government agencies with audits, design, and management of communication and network services. Focusing on cost containment and efficiencies, her team offers customized solutions to leverage technology that accomplished the goals of the organization. Also, as CEO of Fry Entertainment Inc., Yvonne manages talent and produces a variety of projects including commercials, PSAs, tv series and stage shows.
Eric has over 20 years of conference, marketing, and business development experience. Through various positions he has managed and planned hundreds of domestic and international events including business and financial conferences, corporate events, training programs and non-profit fundraisers. In 2014, Eric formed ArrowCon Events, a financial conference company focused on producing high quality finance conferences covering unique topics in emerging and growth markets.
David Osterweil is the Founder of Fitlife Foods, a "powerfully good" fresh prepared meals store chain based in Tampa, FL. Fitlife Foods was developed to help people find fresh, all-natural prepared meals that are designed to give people their daily allowance of awesomeness. David created Fitlife because; "I realized it was time in my life to combine what I know (the food business), with what I love (food, health & wellness) and eliminate what was challenging for me about the restaurant business, in an effort to solve problems for others".
New owner of Great Hope Preschool, Ms. Honea brings over fifteen years of preschool and business operations in history to the table. For the past 3 years she has been consulting with start-ups and small businesses on areas ranging from human resource projects and standard operating procedure development, to grant writing, program evaluation, strategic planning, and business development. GHP will play a major role in focusing the attention of the communities served on the importance of early childhood development, intervention, and quality education.
Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine is a lifelong businessman and entrepreneur. He's currently the President and CEO of Royal Media Partners, the exclusive onboard media partners of Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD. Today, Philip Levine is serving his first term as Mayor of the City of Miami Beach. As Mayor, Levine has established the nonprofit foundation One Miami Beach. The main purpose of the foundation is to raise monies and fund a variety of community causes and projects.
Copeland is a 3rd generation Tampanian, born and raised in Tampa, FL. For the past 6 years, Copeland has partnered with his father to own and operate La Segunda Central Bakery located in historic Ybor City. In those 6 years he has managed to double the size of the business and take distribution to a national level. Today, the bakery is celebrating 100 years of family ownership and Copeland is the 4th generation of the family to operate the business.
Erin was born and raised in Long Island, New York and moved to Tampa in 2000 with her family. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Florida and is a Licensed Title Agent at her family-owned company, Majesty Title Services, LLC; winner of the 2011 Small Business of the Year Award with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. She is actively involved in Emerge Tampa Bay, serving as the 2015 Program Chair. She's passionate about her role in the Junior League of Tampa as an Event Coordinator for a project called "Girl Power", which promotes literacy, scholarship, nutrition, and positive self-image to young women in the foster care system.
Fran Powers is the founder of Powerstories Theatre Inc., a theatrical production company performing true stories on stage. Through powerful storytelling and acting, these true stories of today's social issues connect with audiences on a very personal level. And when that happens, AUDIENCES feel inspired and empowered to strengthen their own lives. Fran has written and produced twelve autobiographical plays and is the author of Power Stories - Everyday Women creating Extraordinary Lives.
Patricia is a nationally acclaimed business etiquette coach, spokesperson, author, and columnist. She is NBC Daytime's Syndicated Business Etiquette Correspondent. She has been featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and Real Simple. Professional sports teams, universities, corporations, and other audiences love her fun, interactive seminars on business etiquette and social influence. Patricia is Twitter's #1 Etiquette professional worldwide.
Carey Lohrenz knows what it takes to win in one of the highest pressure, extreme environments imaginable: in the cockpit at Mach 2. As the first femal F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy, having flown missions worldwide as a combat-mission-ready United States Navy pilot, Lohrenz is used to working in fast moving, dynamic environments, where inconsistent execution can generate catastrophic results. The same challenges are found in business and she shares in her motivating and engaging keynote presentations.
The Market Tampa story starts with the story of its Founder & CEO, Justin Savich, who is described by his friends and colleagues as a serial entrepreneur. During the first year of Market Tampa, Justin began by deploying his personal capital into investment deals. Hungry for more, he put all that he made back into his business and within months had completed four profitable transactions. He independently acquired, funded, rehabbed, and sold each of these, earning him the respect of Real Estate Professionals and attracted the attention of Hedge Fund clients that he now works with.
Stanley Goodman joined Besito Mexican LLC "Consul Partners" in April, 2014. He brings to his position a broad background of over 30 years experience in the hospitality and restaurant industry in North America and South America. Prior to joining Besito Mexican LLC "Consul Partners", Goodman served for 6 years as President with Windermere-House, a resort and fractional development in Eastern Canada. Goodman also served as Joint Venture Partner and Director of Outback Steakhouse's in Eastern Canada for a period of 13 years.
Jessica is a public relations and marketing advisor with a focus on strategic communications. A veteran in the sports and entertainment industry, she managed marketing efforts for professional sports teams and one of the nation's top-ranked venues prior to launching Eckley Media in 2014. She has worked with some of the world's most recognizable brands, including LiveNation, Feld Entertainment, eBay, Walmart, and more.
Sid Khurrum Hasan is a Partner at TekBank and Founding Member of CUPS, The Channel Urban Professional Society. Sid identifies, pursues and owns critical relationships with key clients within the Professional Services space and is responsible for the development of business opportunities made possible through the combination of deep industry knowledge, senior relationship building skills and a solutions-based, consultative-selling approach.
Robin is the owner of Surpass Your Goal which provides coaching to a variety of businesses from Realtors to financial planners, but specializes in coaching lawyers to Taste Victory. Robin has a rich background as a Professor, Mental Health Counselor, and Marketing Director. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and a certification as a Professional Coach. Her strategic and humorous approach has inspired others to leverage their strengths and emerge victoriously in communication, marketing, business planning, and time management.
Shannon is a "Professional at Play" and Founder of Just Humor Me. A Humor & Creativity Coach & Speaker for 12 years, she earned a Masters in Education at The Citadel and a Bachelors in Human Development and Communications at Boston College. After years of being bored by traditional teaching, and report cards that led her to the conclusion that she should either choose a life of comedy or a life of crime, Shannon has chosen the "crime" of leading a life of comedy!
Claire is the Sales and Events Manager for the Tampa Bay Sports Commission team. Claire's responsible for increasing the sports market visitor room night production through bringing additional sports and entertainment events to the Tampa Bay community. Claire Lessinger currently serves as the Tournament Manager for the Tampa Bay Local Organizing Committee by running day to day operations for the NCAA 2015 Women's Final Four, April 5th & 7th.
Jeff is Managing Director of Atlantic Merchant Capital Advisors, which is a Tampa-based boutique merchant bank focused on advising and investing in companies in the financial services and business services sector. Atlantic Merchant Capital specializes in originating and structuring equity, debt, and mezzanine investments with institutional investment funds, family offices and industry executives as well as providing mergers and acquisitions advisory services and general financial advisory. Jeff is a founding member of the Gasparilla Music Festival and currently serves as Board President.
John is the founding principal of VW Multifamily which is a company that specializes in apartment investment and management. In addition to managing the apartments that VW owns, the company provides third party property management services to multifamily property owners in the Tampa Bay area. John is a founding board member of the Gasparilla Music Festival and currently is the Treasurer and Fundraising Chairman of the GMF 501c3.
Becky is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, clean eating chef, and the owner of Fox Fitness. Becky is passionate about helping women live a more confident, energetic, and fit lifestyle without giving up foods they love or having to spend hours in the gym. She does this through her local Foxy Body Team Training Program as well as her online Foxy Body coaching programs.
Matt Dimaio is a published author, speaker, staff development trainer and noted humorist. He's the Founder of The Maestro Method which teaches master skills that helps people to learn anything and everything faster and better. For 3 decades he has been producing memorable and attention-getting results for sales organizations and companies of every description.
Mr. Santilli has invested over 15 years with Fortune 500 brands such as Club Car, Bobcat, Thermo King, and Trane at Ingersoll Rand Company. He successfully stewarded global and international businesses with diverse teams of sales, marketing, engineering, sourcing, finance, and distribution. More recently, Mr. Santilli founded MagneGas Europe where he became an expert in the MagneGas technology and business model and its various applications.
Kimberly's story began long before she had any say in the matter. As a toddler, her well-educated and proactive mother couldn't find a high-quality early learning environment to trust with her early education. So in 1979, she built one from the ground up. Fast forward three and a half decades later, their family business has evolved into a center for accelerated learning for children from preschool through grade 8. As the Director of Innovation at Lutz Learning Center, Kimberly plays many roles from admissions to curriculum design and all things in-between.
Jessica Rivelli is the Founder of Working Women of Florida, which includes Working Women of Tampa Bay & Working Women of Central Florida. The organization is the largest women's networking group in the state with 850 members and 30,000 social media fans/followers. Jessica launched Working Women of Tampa Bay after leaving a successful career in Television News. Since its 2009 launch, Jessica has produced more than 700 events for women in the Tampa Bay & Central Florida regions.
Sharon Fekete has over 15 years experience managing, marketing, supervising, and GROWING successful medical practices from NY to FL. Her special style of results driven marketing and branding has her clients and staff looking at their practices in a whole new light. Sharon has a keen ability to work with people and teams helping to transform under-performing offices into uber-medical centers. She has orchestrated, implemented, & created new business models to drive revenue into practices.
Founded in 2010 by local business owners, Dave Varrieur and Tim Glisson, owners of Fantastic Floats, LLC, The Krewe of Rogues are a group of local entrepreneurs & business owners on the Pirates Pub Float. The Rogues started the French Revolution in Paris in 1789. They beheaded the King and seized control of the French Riviera as their beautiful new side home.
Christy Vogel, President, Founder, and CEO of Marketing Direction has been called a master strategist by her colleagues. She's spent more than 20 years successfully marketing businesses with an established track record of helping companies move to the next level. During her career, she served both on the Agency side as well as Vice President of Marketing and Director of Marketing for a variety of businesses. She has been featured on Fox Business News and quoted by business publications, franchise websites, and podcasts across the country.
Chris has become a national expert on the viral strategies it takes to bring customers to your web and social media sites. As a Tampa Bay business owner, he has used social media platforms and other mediums to promote his company's events, activities and services. Chris is the Founder and CEO of the Tampa Bay Business Owners, a premiere business growth organization focused on producing results and growth for CEOs and business owners.
Steve is a consultant, trainer, coach, and speaker who conducts workshops and speaks on the topic of effective communication and how it is a catalyst for personal development, success in sales, management, leadership, time-building, dealing with change  and solving for conflict. He works with large corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs & individuals. He is also the author of The Reach Out Approach: A Community Process For Initiating, Developing & Leveraging  Mutually Rewarding Relationships.
Karen is a writer and owner of Front Rowe Seat, a full-service writing firm. She turns business owners into authors and establishes them as the expert in their industry. She does all the work and they get all the glory. Karen spends her time in the shadows and has published the stories of a retired FBI agent, a reality TV star, and a motion picture actor. The biggest problem of writing a book, is writing the book. It's time consuming and a chore. She solves that by writing the book for you and doing it 10x faster.
Sarah is a branding specialist who creates story-driven campaigns for foundations & double-or-triple-bottom-line organizations who are making massive social impact, & want to let people know! She coaches her clients through the process of articulating their brand's personality and voice, while developing a strategy to reach their target audience with logical, achievable steps. Sarah has produced & directed more than 150 story videos internationally from city-wide message campaigns to global satellite TV Network shows and recently directed a music video which was nominated for Video of the Year at the 2014 Canadian GMA's.
Serial Entrepreneur, Triathlete, speaker, and a passionate human, Elton is well versed in the challenges of launching a company. Elton is the Founder/Co-Founder/Advisor of businesses ranging from construction to footwear to tech startups. Elton has a background in corporate marketing, but left that world behind with a goal to reinvigorate the local business climate in Jacksonville, FL. To that end, he has Co-Founded OneSpark, a five-day event for creators where they can connect with the people and resources they need to make their great ideas reality. One Spark is the World's largest Crowdfunding Festival.
Dylan is the Marketing Director at Advluence and Marketing Chair-Member on the Board of Counselors at the University of Tampa. His work has been featured in USA Today, Nadiga Lundtan Economics Magazine, and in several local publications. He is a Google Partner and business development through marketing professional. Dylan has a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Tampa and a Master's Degree in International Marketing and Brand Management from Lund University in Sweden.
Meredith has had many "lives" and careers...beginning as a high school teacher to an exercise rider on the race tracks in Italy, to Pharmaceutical sales, Medical Devices, and currently entrepreneur junkie and Owner/CEO of Mere's One More Time, Inc. doing business as ATLAST! All Natural Products. She is a true outdoor enthusiast and pet lover. Meredith is a huge believer in counting her blessings daily, surrounding herself with those that make you want to be a better person.
As a business advisor and profit strategist through her consulting firm, Ali Ann & CO., Ali helps small business owners master their productivity, profitability and purpose. She achieves this through various solutions such as turn-key system development, process streamlining and profit margin analysis. Having experienced burnout in several of her past businesses, Ali also learned the hard way what happens when you live to work. She has an unwavering focus to help business owners master the balance of life and business.
Rupert Meghnot has "been there, done that". His 35+ years of entrepreneurial experience is punctuated with multiple businesses in multiple industries, multiple patents & trademarks, as well as teaching at the highest levels. His primary focus has been in high-tech startups - doing business planning, project management, product development, capital acquisition, operations & marketing consulting and has assisted over 200 such firms.
Dr. Carrie Elk has been in the mental health field for more than 20 years. She earned her BS in Education and Psychology at Towson State University in 1991, M.Ed. in Counseling from The Penn State University in 1995, and her Ph.D. in Human Science from FSU in 1999. She's the Founder and CEO of The Elk Institute for Psychological Health and Performance, providing education, treatment, and clinical research consultation on psychological trauma and other mental health and psychological performance topics to civilians, service members, and veteran organizations and individuals.
Bob Buckhorn was sworn in as the 58th mayor of the nation's 53rd largest city on April 1, 2011. In the past 3 years, Mayor Buckhorn focused on the city and region's economic leadership, stability, and most importantly, business opportunity. Today, local government is smarter, urban development is centered on the riverfront, and Tampa is recognized as the competitive city it is. Our continued success in those efforts will set the state for how and why we build in tomorrow's Tampa.
Jody Agard is a relationship coach, motivational speaker and an author. She has over a decade of experience in relationship coaching and she's the author of Let Love In 101 and featured as a columnist for Naples Daily News. She works exclusively with women over 30 to connect with a partner they can share their life with. Whether presenting on stage, on camera, in a boardroom or a classroom, Jody's work has inspired countless women to improving their relationships (specifically the one with themselves).
Mark Sharpe is currently the Director of the Tampa Innovation Alliance which is a partnership of the University of South Florida, Moffitt Cancer, Busch Gardens and Florida Hospital - a non-profit association charged with promoting economic development and quality of life enhancements in the robust University area. Mark is also a former Hillsborough County Commissioner and was Chairman of the Commission from 2013-2014.
As Managing Partner of Baker Barrios Architects, Inc. Tampa, Rob has been at the forefront in helping to foster the growth and development within Hillsborough County and Tampa - architecturally, aesthetically, and economically. Under Rob's leadership, BBA has provided architectural and interior design for higher education, hospitality, multi-family, and corporate clients.
Opening V & V Real Estate with a partner, Martha and her partner changed their business model during the recession to focus on property management and created The Elite Investor Program. Eleven years later, Martha is an expert in the Real Estate field with experience in negotiating contracts, rental services, international sales, and more. Martha now runs her own residential Real Estate company.
Lee Kearney, Founder of West Florida Wholesale Properties & several other companies began his career in real estate in 2004. Since then, Lee has evolved his original business concept into a diversified portfolio of holding companies that include SPIN (short term holdings), West Florida Wholesale Properties, (long term holdings) & recently, SPIN Real Estate (Real Estate Brokerage). All 3 companies now operate under the SPIN brand which has quickly become a household name in the Tampa Bay Area. Since 2004, Lee has bought and sold well over 4,000 properties in the Tampa Bay Area.
"The Turnaround Specialist" enabling countries to clear bad debt and thrive in today's geo-political climate. After starting a cellphone company at 19, losing his shirt in a series of other businesses and watching the family's financial independence evaporate in 2008; Chandila recognized that bad debt dis-empowers people and takes away human dignity. He became CEP of the UK's No.1 Aero Medical Business that held 80% market share, worked with the Government of Sri Lanka and advised a former Prime Minister's office. All before the age of 40. Chandila is a passionate advocate of disruptive global business models for banks and sovereign leaders restructuring bad debt that allows them to strengthen their economic footholds through methodical growth.
After retiring from being the Police Department Major for the City of Tampa in 2013, Sal took up the position of Operations Manager for the City of Tampa Neighborhood Enhancement. The Neighborhood Enhancement Division enforces all non-criminal ordinances, codes, and regulations to improve the quality of life for Tampa residents through maintenance efforts of medians and vacant lots.
Dr. Jaime Kulaga is an Entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker. She is the author of the upcoming book "The SuperWoman's Guide to Super Fulfillment: Step-by-Step Strategies to Create Work-Life Balance," to be published March 2015. She is the inspirational founder of the nationally known Superwoman Workshops. Dr. Kulaga has been featured internationally for her expertise. She is the owner of Two Maids & A Mop in Tampa, Fl. Two Maids & A Mop is the fastest growing cleaning company in America according to, Inc. 5000.
Alex Rodriguez is a Creative Digital Marketer who develops high-end digital campaigns for successful businesses looking to transform their brand and grow their business further. He is the author of "Digital BACON", which upon launch landed on #1 in iBooks' Sales & Marketing catalog, as well as Top 20 Hot and New Releases on Amazon. Throughout almost two decades of professional experience, he has created some of the most successful launches for global brands and products, most of which have resulted in millions of dollars in sales in record periods of time. Alex heads up the team at YMMY Marketing, a digital creative agency in Florida, USA.
Ron Klein's innovative ideas, either in an invention or simple solution to a problem, have been revolutionary and have resulted in monumental changes. He is the inventor of the magnetic strip credit card-validity checking system. He is also the developer of computerized systems for Real Estate (MLS) Multiple Listing Services and Voice Response for the Banking Industry. He developed the Bond Quotation and Trade Information System for the New York Stock Exchange. He was the founder and CEO of his public company, Technitrend, Inc. as well as General Associates, Inc.
Topher Morrison is the Managing Director of Key Person of Influence - USA, a growth accelerator firm that has worked with over 1000 companies, globally, to help them dominate their market share. He is featured in the award-winning documentaries "The Compass" and "Riches", and his first book, Stop Chasing Perfection and Settle for Excellence, has been hailed as The self-help book for people who are sick of self-help books. His extensive speaking schedule, spanning over the past 25 years, has taken him throughout the US, UK, Australia, and Singapore and has earned him a global reputation as an expert in mass-communications and influence.
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