Why Advertise With Us!

Mission Statement
That Business Show is a business variety show that aims to inspire entrepreneurship and leadership through the stories and successes of others and is a show with a positive message that highlights what is right within our community.  The show gives business and community leaders regular on air programming with ample time to share their message, product, or service and offers an alternative for listeners to the political, news and sports talk that dominates the airwaves. 

Who Is Our Target Demographic?
That Business Show is a morning drive show based online at www.TampaBayRadio.Com and available On Demand on iTunes and YouTube.  The show targets business professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs as well as Millennials and works in conjunction with TBBO to give a stronger voice to the members of this Tampa Bay based network of business owners.  

That Business Show has content and programs that range in topics to suit listeners of all age groups.  Based on social media engagement, the audience is estimated to be approximately 60% women and 40% men.  The show's range of guests gives it a natural growth factor as each show highlights new entrepreneurs, thus exposing the show to their network of influence.  That Business Show has relationships and regular segments with the Working Women of Tampa Bay, The University of Tampa Entrepreneurship Center, The Tampa Bay Business Owners, The Entrepreneurship Collaboration Center, Key Person of Influence, Tampa Bay Wave, Hillsborough Community College Entrepreneurship Department and many, many individual entrepreneurs and community leaders!

What Is Our Audience Size?
That Business Show utilizes multiple sources to reach the broadest audience possible.  Based online each weekday morning from 7am to 8am, the show video streams all shows through Tampa Bay Multimedia.  Post show On Demand placement includes iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, GooglePlay, TuneIn, Spreaker, PlayerFM and in HD video on our YouTube Channel and is found on many third party sites.  Listenership and viewership is derived from verifiable viewership reports from Tampa Bay MultiMedia which has over 15 years of programming experience behind it and has an audience of its own.  On their channel, we carry 60,000 to 70,000 viewers a month (stats available for review) and the stats show how many people watched 100% vs. 75%, 50%, and 25% of the program.  This is only one source and the other sources include download reports from Libsyn.Com from podcast sites as well as our social media channels. We conservatively estimate our listening and viewing audience to be 90,000 to 100,000 per month across all these outlets!

How Will I Benefit If I Become A Sponsor?
That Business Show works in partnership with Tampa Bay Business Owners (TBBO), an 8 year old Tampa based business owner organization.  The organization has nearly 300 members and many monthly events ranging from educational to social designed to help business owners grow and diversify their business.

By becoming a Regular or Expert Sponsor, not only do you expose your message, product or service to our vast listener and viewership, we introduce you to the Tampa Bay Business Owners.  Sponsors receive membership for 2 in the organization with enhanced benefits over base membership.  Specifics of this are found on the TBBO & Expert Sponsor Page.  In addition, The Tampa Bay Business Owners has 3 signature events each year with attendance that ranges from 500 to 600 people.  Sponsors get first choice for booth placement at these events. Where else can you get in front of 500+ people on a regular basis to showcase your product with the opportunity to promote it ahead of time through regular on air appearances on our show? 

Okay I get it, but I need more, how else can I benefit from Sponsorship?
Being a show contributor is sort of like writing a book, it gives you the differentiation/credibility factor that many consumers are looking for in a service or product.  When you are competing for business, if you can add that you are a "Regular" or "Expert Contributor" to a show, that may be the difference that wins you the business over your competition.  Even if the client never listens to you on the show, just knowing you are a a Contributor to a regular show will give the consumer the assurance they need to hire you over your competition. 

In studio relationships become tremendous growth opportunities.  By appearing regularly in studio, you will meet many other guests.  These close, personal meetings have resulted in lots of business exchanges at our shows.  The guests chat for 20 to 30 minutes in a close, personal setting and oftentimes follow up with business together.  By becoming a Sponsor, you will have many of these meetings, and can request in studio interviews with other business leaders.  To clarify, if you want to meet Attorney John Doe, request that That Business Show interviews him and that you, the sponsor, appear the same day on the program, an easy, excellent way to meet other community leaders!  Very few people turn down requests for free interviews to talk about themselves and their businesses, after all, what is everyone's favorite topic to discuss?  Themselves!

Through regular on air appearances, you will build up a collection of media content.  You will have both audio and video files of the appearance as well as many in studio photographs.  Use the media on your website to enhance SEO and build credibility as the Expert Contributor we portray you as on the program!

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